2007 - 2010: (open source) is high performance distributed and replication cache system build for .Net cache and enterprise application running in server farms. provides distributed replicated cache to minimize the load factor. It consists the usage of two or more servers in a farm. It's replicated all data within the cluster. The big plus is simple, you have all your cache nodes on all different servers. In case one of your servers get restarted, it will receive all nodes automatically from its parent.

  • Fast - Extensive performance tests in test suites to keep SharedCache's performance consistent
  • Simple - Many users of SharedCache hardly know they are using it. The provider is very simple and easy to use, making it possible to get up and running in minutes.
  • Minimal dependencies
  • Provides Memory stores - the largest memory SharedCache installations use memory stores in the gigabyte range. SharedCache is tuned for these large sizes.
  • Scalable tuned - for concurrent load on multi-cpu servers


C#, .Net 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Team Foundation Server / Codeplex, Sockets, Streaming, Async Programming, VS Load Tests, VS Performance Tests, NDepend


partitioned (distributed) cache:
replicated node cache: 
single node cache:
Automatic version checker: 

Information on what has been installed:  

2006 - today: Swiss International Airline -

Play a lead role in the design and development of this highly dynamic e-commerce application. Working with business unit managers to define project requirements and managed application design as well as implementation. makes extensive usage of Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 with its CMS (Content Management) functionlity. It uses build-in functionlity like variations and content approvals and went online as one of the first MOSS 2007 environments. With the ability to create custom webparts many additional functinaliy have been develped. The hetrogene system architecutre which rely on various other technologies to provide information and data ensured through strong n-layer architecture. The plattform sells several million of tickets.


ASP.Net, Ajax.Net, C#, .Net 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Team Foundation Server, VS Load Tests, VS Performance Tests, NDepend, Project, Sharepoint 2007, Sharepoint Designer, ISA Server

Link: Booking part - pure .net development

Link: - Moss 2007

2006 - 2007: indeXus.Net - be interactive - merge your search

Where would you search for cheap flights for a specific destination? What if you have personal specific need? What if you want to arrive at your destination of your choice in the late morning, but you do not want to look in hundreds of websites for this requirement? How would you know, if the flight price is competitive or too expensive? Doesn't it all take far too much time to get an overview about the actual market situation?
indeXus.Net belongs to a new generation of search engines, closing the gap between traditional index-base search engines, which sometimes lack actuality, and real-time search engines, which are limited in search space. Searching dozens of sites,indeXus.Net gives you comprehensive search results, 100% actual. Additionally, indeXus.Net refines its search with respect to your country.

indeXus.Net provides the solution for real time search with unstructured data. With its uniqu technology how to merge data it were possible to approve that all questions are getting answered. On the good day's of indeXus.Net it provided data from over 30 different sources on the web. The solution were build with .net 2.0 with many different functionlity. Some of the key features are:
  • Google Maps integration to locate airports
  • Feeds for deals
  • Price Alerting System
  • Recent Searches
  • Airport Details with dynamic integration of additional airport Information
  • Provided linear scalable software architecture
  • Advanced ajax functionlity
  • custem user settings


ASP.Net, Extensive ajax, C#, .Net 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Team Foundation Server, VS Load Tests, VS Performance Tests

Link: indeXus.Net

Simple airport locator: 

Apply filters based on thousands of search results: 

Simple and easy search of dozen of websites:  

Shared Cache - .Net Caching made easy

All information about Shared Cache is available here: Its free and easy to use, we provide all sources at codeplex.

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