Saturday, February 28, 2009

Comparsion between NCache Express & Shared Cache (beta)

Shared Cache is a high performance distributed and replicated caching system. The project is hosted and maintained on Some day's ago a user of sharedcache introduced comparsion data between NCache Express and Shared Cache (

Basically it showed us that our new version with DataContract methods extension speed up serlialization and the whole system.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Roni @ Redmond, WA

manuel & roni are eating breakfest at microsoft :-) - not only microsoft - we are in redmond - microsofts mothership in redmond :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Velocity CTP2 seems to have memory leaks

based on a project i found today on codeplex: Microsoft Velocity CTP2 has memory leaks.

Project Description
Provides a scope to wrap around the velocity caching service. It also handles locks and unlocks so that if an item sis called and should be locked after an itial call the scope can handle this under the covers.Resolves the memory leak problem with cachefactory object.This project resolves a memory leak issue with Velocity CTP2 and also provides a methodology for hanlding locked cached objects through a scope provider.

would be intersting to know if it Microsoft thinks same...

a new level arrived

today i discoverd some projects on codeplex and sourceforge. i was quite surprised to see people are using my codebase which we have written for and made it runnable under sun with mono.

Cache Reloaded, a caching service for Linux ... i would say def. arrived a new level in the .net world.

Shared Cache - .Net Caching made easy

All information about Shared Cache is available here: Its free and easy to use, we provide all sources at codeplex.

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