Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Clean .Net Environement

In my point of view, environments for Java and .Net has today all needed components to create a clean environment – most on it is free or comes built in with other components like VS.Net or the SQL Server Desktop Tools.

What do I mean with clean Environment; you should set your focus as much as possible on automation in generation and testing.

Which elements should I integrate when I create new environments? After several months, and I believe I spent quite high invest to make the researches I got finally my decision:

Microsoft Environment:

FxCop -> from Microsoft got from their Design Rules quite lot of new inputs.
Nant -> automatically compilation.
NUnit -> automatically testing
XmlUnit -> automatically testing
CLR Profiler -> CLR profiling
SQL Query Analyzer -> SQL profiling
MS Application Center Test -> installed with VS.Net
Cruise Control -> continuous build process

Java Environment:


I'll concentrate myself on MS tools and not on Java. So dont search inside this blog about Java realted stuff.

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