Monday, May 09, 2005

RSS in Outlook (Plugin)

on theire website ( i have found the page with following header:

my answer to them

10 Best Reasons to Use intraVnews

Rich feature set
sometimes even to much ;-)
It simply works
thats the best thing, since i installed it i never had even one problem.
Save time
correct, instead of searching all the stuff again and again, i have now everything inside my outlook. Cool
Continuous improvements
never did an update, so i can not proof it.
Standards Support
dont know the standards, but never had a problem to add a new one.
Great customer service
never needed
Our customers are satisfied
at least myself
Great performance
great performance? well did i ever had a performance problem with it, i dont remember.
Outlook-based reader
thats a goodie, but well everything is inside.
Straight-forward installation process
thats sounds good, is it really something new?

all in all thanks to the crew for such a nice tool.

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