Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Daily Build with Smoke Test!

the 4 big BENEFITS of using Daily Build with Smoke Test:

- minimized integration risk Daily Build and Smoke Test
- different team members combining code they have been working on separately
- different team members integrating code they have been working on separately
- The resulting composite code might not work well.
- Depending on how late in the project the incompatibility is discovered, debugging
might take longer than it would have if integration had occurred earlier,
program interfaces might have to be changed, or major parts of the
system might have to be redesigned and re-implemented.
- Integration errors have caused projects to be cancelled.
- The daily build and smoke test process keeps integration errors small
and manageable, and it prevents runaway integration problems.

- reduces the risk of low quality.
- unknown project status without using a daily build and smoke test strategy
- High risk of integration and quality problems [hidden faults is high] -
they expensive, in case of manpower and amount of coffee you need to fix them!!!!

- easier defect diagnosis by giving exact indications of what happens with
your test. If case the daily build of day no. 4 succeeded and the following
day failed .. then you know where you have to search!

- improves the team morale, they know about their quality and know they
working with up-to-date processes, not processes which are already more
then 20 years old!!
- Developers they see daily build is building successfully its a Hugh
morale boost for them (ahoy us! )
- its nothing really exciting or so, but programmers, testers and all the
rest of your team can watch how the project is growing and growing and
every morning you have an actually status about it.

Note: Yes the first project is hard to setup, until you get all what you need and you have setup everything, but in the end the result of it is amazing -> take yourself the needed time to setup daily build as soon as you can even when your project contains 1000 LOC's its the right way in my point of view.

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