Saturday, January 27, 2007

A list with known port numbers 1500 - 3999

Port No. Port Name Description
1500/tcp vlsi-lm VLSI License Manager
1500/udp vlsi-lm VLSI License Manager
1501/tcp saiscm Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
1501/udp saiscm Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
1502/tcp shivadiscovery Shiva
1502/udp shivadiscovery Shiva
1503/tcp imtc-mcs Databeam
1503/udp imtc-mcs Databeam
1504/tcp evb-elm EVB Software Engineering License Manager
1504/udp evb-elm EVB Software Engineering License Manager
1505/tcp funkproxy Funk Software, Inc.
1505/udp funkproxy Funk Software, Inc.
1506/tcp utcd Universal Time daemon (utcd)
1506/udp utcd Universal Time daemon (utcd)
1507/tcp symplex symplex
1507/udp symplex symplex
1508/tcp diagmond diagmond
1508/udp diagmond diagmond
1509/tcp robcad-lm Robcad, Ltd. License Manager
1509/udp robcad-lm Robcad, Ltd. License Manager
1510/tcp mvx-lm Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.
1510/udp mvx-lm Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.
1511/tcp 3l-l1 3l-l1
1511/udp 3l-l1 3l-l1
1512/tcp wins Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service
1512/udp wins Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service
1513/tcp fujitsu-dtc Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
1513/udp fujitsu-dtc Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
1514/tcp fujitsu-dtcns Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
1514/udp fujitsu-dtcns Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
1515/tcp ifor-protocol ifor-protocol
1515/udp ifor-protocol ifor-protocol
1516/tcp vpad Virtual Places Audio data
1516/udp vpad Virtual Places Audio data
1517/tcp vpac Virtual Places Audio control
1517/udp vpac Virtual Places Audio control
1518/tcp vpvd Virtual Places Video data
1518/udp vpvd Virtual Places Video data
1519/tcp vpvc Virtual Places Video control
1519/udp vpvc Virtual Places Video control
1520/tcp atm-zip-office atm zip office
1520/udp atm-zip-office atm zip office
1521/tcp ncube-lm nCube License Manager
1521/udp ncube-lm nCube License Manager
1522/tcp ricardo-lm Ricardo North America License Manager
1522/udp ricardo-lm Ricardo North America License Manager
1523/tcp cichild-lm cichild
1523/udp cichild-lm cichild
1524/tcp ingreslock ingres
1524/udp ingreslock ingres
1525/tcp orasrv oracle
1525/udp orasrv oracle
1525/tcp prospero-np Prospero Directory Service non-priv
1525/udp prospero-np Prospero Directory Service non-priv
1526/tcp pdap-np Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv
1526/udp pdap-np Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv
1527/tcp tlisrv oracle
1527/udp tlisrv oracle
1528/tcp mciautoreg micautoreg
1528/udp mciautoreg micautoreg
1529/tcp coauthor oracle
1529/udp coauthor oracle
1530/tcp rap-service rap-service
1530/udp rap-service rap-service
1531/tcp rap-listen rap-listen
1531/udp rap-listen rap-listen
1532/tcp miroconnect miroconnect
1532/udp miroconnect miroconnect
1533/tcp virtual-places Virtual Places Software
1533/udp virtual-places Virtual Places Software
1534/tcp micromuse-lm micromuse-lm
1534/udp micromuse-lm micromuse-lm
1535/tcp ampr-info ampr-info
1535/udp ampr-info ampr-info
1536/tcp ampr-inter ampr-inter
1536/udp ampr-inter ampr-inter
1537/tcp sdsc-lm isi-lm
1537/udp sdsc-lm isi-lm
1538/tcp 3ds-lm 3ds-lm
1538/udp 3ds-lm 3ds-lm
1539/tcp intellistor-lm Intellistor License Manager
1539/udp intellistor-lm Intellistor License Manager
1540/tcp rds rds
1540/udp rds rds
1541/tcp rds2 rds2
1541/udp rds2 rds2
1542/tcp gridgen-elmd gridgen-elmd
1542/udp gridgen-elmd gridgen-elmd
1543/tcp simba-cs simba-cs
1543/udp simba-cs simba-cs
1544/tcp aspeclmd aspeclmd
1544/udp aspeclmd aspeclmd
1545/tcp vistium-share vistium-share
1545/udp vistium-share vistium-share
1546/tcp abbaccuray abbaccuray
1546/udp abbaccuray abbaccuray
1547/tcp laplink laplink
1547/udp laplink laplink
1548/tcp axon-lm Axon License Manager
1548/udp axon-lm Axon License Manager
1549/tcp shivahose Shiva Hose
1549/udp shivasound Shiva Sound
1550/tcp 3m-image-lm Image Storage license manager 3M Company
1550/udp 3m-image-lm Image Storage license manager 3M Company
1551/tcp hecmtl-db HECMTL-DB
1551/udp hecmtl-db HECMTL-DB
1552/tcp pciarray pciarray
1552/udp pciarray pciarray
1553/tcp sna-cs sna-cs
1553/udp sna-cs sna-cs
1554/tcp caci-lm CACI Products Company License Manager
1554/udp caci-lm CACI Products Company License Manager
1555/tcp livelan livelan
1555/udp livelan livelan
1556/tcp ashwin AshWin CI Tecnologies
1556/udp ashwin AshWin CI Tecnologies
1557/tcp arbortext-lm ArborText License Manager
1557/udp arbortext-lm ArborText License Manager
1558/tcp xingmpeg xingmpeg
1558/udp xingmpeg xingmpeg
1559/tcp web2host web2host
1559/udp web2host web2host
1560/tcp asci-val asci-val
1560/udp asci-val asci-val
1561/tcp facilityview facilityview
1561/udp facilityview facilityview
1562/tcp pconnectmgr pconnectmgr
1562/udp pconnectmgr pconnectmgr
1563/tcp cadabra-lm Cadabra License Manager
1563/udp cadabra-lm Cadabra License Manager
1564/tcp pay-per-view Pay-Per-View
1564/udp pay-per-view Pay-Per-View
1565/tcp winddlb WinDD
1565/udp winddlb WinDD
1566/tcp corelvideo CORELVIDEO
1566/udp corelvideo CORELVIDEO
1567/tcp jlicelmd jlicelmd
1567/udp jlicelmd jlicelmd
1568/tcp tsspmap tsspmap
1568/udp tsspmap tsspmap
1569/tcp ets ets
1569/udp ets ets
1570/tcp orbixd orbixd
1570/udp orbixd orbixd
1571/tcp rdb-dbs-disp Oracle Remote Data Base
1571/udp rdb-dbs-disp Oracle Remote Data Base
1572/tcp chip-lm Chipcom License Manager
1572/udp chip-lm Chipcom License Manager
1573/tcp itscomm-ns itscomm-ns
1573/udp itscomm-ns itscomm-ns
1574/tcp mvel-lm mvel-lm
1574/udp mvel-lm mvel-lm
1575/tcp oraclenames oraclenames
1575/udp oraclenames oraclenames
1576/tcp moldflow-lm moldflow-lm
1576/udp moldflow-lm moldflow-lm
1577/tcp hypercube-lm hypercube-lm
1577/udp hypercube-lm hypercube-lm
1578/tcp jacobus-lm Jacobus License Manager
1578/udp jacobus-lm Jacobus License Manager
1579/tcp ioc-sea-lm ioc-sea-lm
1579/udp ioc-sea-lm ioc-sea-lm
1580/tcp tn-tl-r1 tn-tl-r1
1580/udp tn-tl-r2 tn-tl-r2
1581/tcp mil-2045-47001 MIL-2045-47001
1581/udp mil-2045-47001 MIL-2045-47001
1582/tcp msims MSIMS
1582/udp msims MSIMS
1583/tcp simbaexpress simbaexpress
1583/udp simbaexpress simbaexpress
1584/tcp tn-tl-fd2 tn-tl-fd2
1584/udp tn-tl-fd2 tn-tl-fd2
1585/tcp intv intv
1585/udp intv intv
1586/tcp ibm-abtact ibm-abtact
1586/udp ibm-abtact ibm-abtact
1587/tcp pra_elmd pra_elmd
1587/udp pra_elmd pra_elmd
1588/tcp triquest-lm triquest-lm
1588/udp triquest-lm triquest-lm
1589/tcp vqp VQP
1589/udp vqp VQP
1590/tcp gemini-lm gemini-lm
1590/udp gemini-lm gemini-lm
1591/tcp ncpm-pm ncpm-pm
1591/udp ncpm-pm ncpm-pm
1592/tcp commonspace commonspace
1592/udp commonspace commonspace
1593/tcp mainsoft-lm mainsoft-lm
1593/udp mainsoft-lm mainsoft-lm
1594/tcp sixtrak sixtrak
1594/udp sixtrak sixtrak
1595/tcp radio radio
1595/udp radio radio
1596/tcp radio-sm radio-sm
1596/udp radio-bc radio-bc
1597/tcp orbplus-iiop orbplus-iiop
1597/udp orbplus-iiop orbplus-iiop
1598/tcp picknfs picknfs
1598/udp picknfs picknfs
1599/tcp simbaservices simbaservices
1599/udp simbaservices simbaservices
1600/tcp issd
1600/udp issd
1601/tcp aas aas
1601/udp aas aas
1602/tcp inspect inspect
1602/udp inspect inspect
1603/tcp picodbc pickodbc
1603/udp picodbc pickodbc
1604/tcp icabrowser icabrowser
1604/udp icabrowser icabrowser
1605/tcp slp Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)
1605/udp slp Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)
1606/tcp slm-api Salutation Manager (SLM-API)
1606/udp slm-api Salutation Manager (SLM-API)
1607/tcp stt stt
1607/udp stt stt
1608/tcp smart-lm Smart Corp. License Manager
1608/udp smart-lm Smart Corp. License Manager
1609/tcp isysg-lm isysg-lm
1609/udp isysg-lm isysg-lm
1610/tcp taurus-wh taurus-wh
1610/udp taurus-wh taurus-wh
1611/tcp ill Inter Library Loan
1611/udp ill Inter Library Loan
1612/tcp netbill-trans NetBill Transaction Server
1612/udp netbill-trans NetBill Transaction Server
1613/tcp netbill-keyrep NetBill Key Repository
1613/udp netbill-keyrep NetBill Key Repository
1614/tcp netbill-cred NetBill Credential Server
1614/udp netbill-cred NetBill Credential Server
1615/tcp netbill-auth NetBill Authorization Server
1615/udp netbill-auth NetBill Authorization Server
1616/tcp netbill-prod NetBill Product Server
1616/udp netbill-prod NetBill Product Server
1617/tcp nimrod-agent Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication
1617/udp nimrod-agent Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication
1618/tcp skytelnet skytelnet
1618/udp skytelnet skytelnet
1619/tcp xs-openstorage xs-openstorage
1619/udp xs-openstorage xs-openstorage
1620/tcp faxportwinport faxportwinport
1620/udp faxportwinport faxportwinport
1621/tcp softdataphone softdataphone
1621/udp softdataphone softdataphone
1622/tcp ontime ontime
1622/udp ontime ontime
1623/tcp jaleosnd jaleosnd
1623/udp jaleosnd jaleosnd
1624/tcp udp-sr-port udp-sr-port
1624/udp udp-sr-port udp-sr-port
1625/tcp svs-omagent svs-omagent
1625/udp svs-omagent svs-omagent
1630/tcp oraclenet8cman Oracle Net8 Cman
1630/udp oraclenet8cman Oracle Net8 Cman
1636/tcp cncp CableNet Control Protocol
1636/udp cncp CableNet Control Protocol
1637/tcp cnap CableNet Admin Protocol
1637/udp cnap CableNet Admin Protocol
1638/tcp cnip CableNet Info Protocol
1638/udp cnip CableNet Info Protocol
1639/tcp cert-initiator cert-initiator
1639/udp cert-initiator cert-initiator
1640/tcp cert-responder cert-responder
1640/udp cert-responder cert-responder
1641/tcp invision InVision
1641/udp invision InVision
1642/tcp isis-am isis-am
1642/udp isis-am isis-am
1643/tcp isis-ambc isis-ambc
1643/udp isis-ambc isis-ambc
1644/tcp saiseh Satellite-data Acquisition System 4
1645/tcp datametrics datametrics
1645/udp datametrics datametrics
1646/tcp sa-msg-port sa-msg-port
1646/udp sa-msg-port sa-msg-port
1647/tcp rsap rsap
1647/udp rsap rsap
1648/tcp concurrent-lm concurrent-lm
1648/udp concurrent-lm concurrent-lm
1649/tcp inspect inspect
1649/udp inspect inspect
1650/tcp nkd nkd
1650/udp nkd nkd
1651/tcp shiva_confsrvr shiva_confsrvr
1651/udp shiva_confsrvr shiva_confsrvr
1652/tcp xnmp xnmp
1652/udp xnmp xnmp
1653/tcp alphatech-lm alphatech-lm
1653/udp alphatech-lm alphatech-lm
1654/tcp stargatealerts stargatealerts
1654/udp stargatealerts stargatealerts
1655/tcp dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin
1655/udp dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin
1656/tcp dec-mbadmin-h dec-mbadmin-h
1656/udp dec-mbadmin-h dec-mbadmin-h
1657/tcp fujitsu-mmpdc fujitsu-mmpdc
1657/udp fujitsu-mmpdc fujitsu-mmpdc
1658/tcp sixnetudr sixnetudr
1658/udp sixnetudr sixnetudr
1659/tcp sg-lm Silicon Grail License Manager
1659/udp sg-lm Silicon Grail License Manager
1660/tcp skip-mc-gikreq skip-mc-gikreq
1660/udp skip-mc-gikreq skip-mc-gikreq
1661/tcp netview-aix-1 netview-aix-1
1661/udp netview-aix-1 netview-aix-1
1662/tcp netview-aix-2 netview-aix-2
1662/udp netview-aix-2 netview-aix-2
1663/tcp netview-aix-3 netview-aix-3
1663/udp netview-aix-3 netview-aix-3
1664/tcp netview-aix-4 netview-aix-4
1664/udp netview-aix-4 netview-aix-4
1665/tcp netview-aix-5 netview-aix-5
1665/udp netview-aix-5 netview-aix-5
1666/tcp netview-aix-6 netview-aix-6
1666/udp netview-aix-6 netview-aix-6
1667/tcp netview-aix-7 netview-aix-7
1667/udp netview-aix-7 netview-aix-7
1668/tcp netview-aix-8 netview-aix-8
1668/udp netview-aix-8 netview-aix-8
1669/tcp netview-aix-9 netview-aix-9
1669/udp netview-aix-9 netview-aix-9
1670/tcp netview-aix-10 netview-aix-10
1670/udp netview-aix-10 netview-aix-10
1671/tcp netview-aix-11 netview-aix-11
1671/udp netview-aix-11 netview-aix-11
1672/tcp netview-aix-12 netview-aix-12
1672/udp netview-aix-12 netview-aix-12
1673/tcp proshare-mc-1 Intel Proshare Multicast
1673/udp proshare-mc-1 Intel Proshare Multicast
1674/tcp proshare-mc-2 Intel Proshare Multicast
1674/udp proshare-mc-2 Intel Proshare Multicast
1675/tcp pdp Pacific Data Products
1675/udp pdp Pacific Data Products
1676/tcp netcomm1 netcomm1
1676/udp netcomm2 netcomm2
1677/tcp groupwise groupwise
1677/udp groupwise groupwise
1678/tcp prolink prolink
1678/udp prolink prolink
1679/tcp darcorp-lm darcorp-lm
1679/udp darcorp-lm darcorp-lm
1680/tcp microcom-sbp microcom-sbp
1680/udp microcom-sbp microcom-sbp
1681/tcp sd-elmd sd-elmd
1681/udp sd-elmd sd-elmd
1682/tcp lanyon-lantern lanyon-lantern
1682/udp lanyon-lantern lanyon-lantern
1683/tcp ncpm-hip ncpm-hip
1683/udp ncpm-hip ncpm-hip
1684/tcp snaresecure SnareSecure
1684/udp snaresecure SnareSecure
1685/tcp n2nremote n2nremote
1685/udp n2nremote n2nremote
1686/tcp cvmon cvmon
1686/udp cvmon cvmon
1687/tcp nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-ctrl
1687/udp nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-ctrl
1688/tcp nsjtp-data nsjtp-data
1688/udp nsjtp-data nsjtp-data
1689/tcp firefox firefox
1689/udp firefox firefox
1690/tcp ng-umds ng-umds
1690/udp ng-umds ng-umds
1691/tcp empire-empuma empire-empuma
1691/udp empire-empuma empire-empuma
1692/tcp sstsys-lm sstsys-lm
1692/udp sstsys-lm sstsys-lm
1693/tcp rrirtr rrirtr
1693/udp rrirtr rrirtr
1694/tcp rrimwm rrimwm
1694/udp rrimwm rrimwm
1695/tcp rrilwm rrilwm
1695/udp rrilwm rrilwm
1696/tcp rrifmm rrifmm
1696/udp rrifmm rrifmm
1697/tcp rrisat rrisat
1697/udp rrisat rrisat
1698/tcp rsvp-encap-1 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1
1698/udp rsvp-encap-1 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1
1699/tcp rsvp-encap-2 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2
1699/udp rsvp-encap-2 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2
1700/tcp mps-raft mps-raft
1700/udp mps-raft mps-raft
1701/tcp l2f l2f
1701/udp l2f l2f
1701/tcp l2tp l2tp
1701/udp l2tp l2tp
1702/tcp deskshare deskshare
1702/udp deskshare deskshare
1703/tcp hb-engine hb-engine
1703/udp hb-engine hb-engine
1704/tcp bcs-broker bcs-broker
1704/udp bcs-broker bcs-broker
1705/tcp slingshot slingshot
1705/udp slingshot slingshot
1706/tcp jetform jetform
1706/udp jetform jetform
1707/tcp vdmplay vdmplay
1707/udp vdmplay vdmplay
1708/tcp gat-lmd gat-lmd
1708/udp gat-lmd gat-lmd
1709/tcp centra centra
1709/udp centra centra
1710/tcp impera impera
1710/udp impera impera
1711/tcp pptconference pptconference
1711/udp pptconference pptconference
1712/tcp registrar resource monitoring service
1712/udp registrar resource monitoring service
1713/tcp conferencetalk ConferenceTalk
1713/udp conferencetalk ConferenceTalk
1714/tcp sesi-lm sesi-lm
1714/udp sesi-lm sesi-lm
1715/tcp houdini-lm houdini-lm
1715/udp houdini-lm houdini-lm
1716/tcp xmsg xmsg
1716/udp xmsg xmsg
1717/tcp fj-hdnet fj-hdnet
1717/udp fj-hdnet fj-hdnet
1718/tcp h323gatedisc h323gatedisc
1718/udp h323gatedisc h323gatedisc
1719/tcp h323gatestat h323gatestat
1719/udp h323gatestat h323gatestat
1720/tcp h323hostcall h323hostcall
1720/udp h323hostcall h323hostcall
1721/tcp caicci caicci
1721/udp caicci caicci
1722/tcp hks-lm HKS License Manager
1722/udp hks-lm HKS License Manager
1723/tcp pptp pptp
1723/udp pptp pptp
1724/tcp csbphonemaster csbphonemaster
1724/udp csbphonemaster csbphonemaster
1725/tcp iden-ralp iden-ralp
1725/udp iden-ralp iden-ralp
1726/tcp iberiagames IBERIAGAMES
1726/udp iberiagames IBERIAGAMES
1727/tcp winddx winddx
1727/udp winddx winddx
1728/tcp telindus TELINDUS
1728/udp telindus TELINDUS
1729/tcp citynl CityNL License Management
1729/udp citynl CityNL License Management
1730/tcp roketz roketz
1730/udp roketz roketz
1731/tcp msiccp MSICCP
1731/udp msiccp MSICCP
1732/tcp proxim proxim
1732/udp proxim proxim
1733/tcp siipat SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission
1733/udp siipat SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission
1734/tcp cambertx-lm Camber Corporation License Management
1734/udp cambertx-lm Camber Corporation License Management
1735/tcp privatechat PrivateChat
1735/udp privatechat PrivateChat
1736/tcp street-stream street-stream
1736/udp street-stream street-stream
1737/tcp ultimad ultimad
1737/udp ultimad ultimad
1738/tcp gamegen1 GameGen1
1738/udp gamegen1 GameGen1
1739/tcp webaccess webaccess
1739/udp webaccess webaccess
1740/tcp encore encore
1740/udp encore encore
1741/tcp cisco-net-mgmt cisco-net-mgmt
1741/udp cisco-net-mgmt cisco-net-mgmt
1742/tcp 3Com-nsd 3Com-nsd
1742/udp 3Com-nsd 3Com-nsd
1743/tcp cinegrfx-lm Cinema Graphics License Manager
1743/udp cinegrfx-lm Cinema Graphics License Manager
1744/tcp ncpm-ft ncpm-ft
1744/udp ncpm-ft ncpm-ft
1745/tcp remote-winsock remote-winsock
1745/udp remote-winsock remote-winsock
1746/tcp ftrapid-1 ftrapid-1
1746/udp ftrapid-1 ftrapid-1
1747/tcp ftrapid-2 ftrapid-2
1747/udp ftrapid-2 ftrapid-2
1748/tcp oracle-em1 oracle-em1
1748/udp oracle-em1 oracle-em1
1749/tcp aspen-services aspen-services
1749/udp aspen-services aspen-services
1750/tcp sslp Simple Socket Library's PortMaster
1750/udp sslp Simple Socket Library's PortMaster
1751/tcp swiftnet SwiftNet
1751/udp swiftnet SwiftNet
1752/tcp lofr-lm Leap of Faith Research License Manager
1752/udp lofr-lm Leap of Faith Research License Manager
1753/tcp translogic-lm Translogic License Manager
1753/udp translogic-lm Translogic License Manager
1754/tcp oracle-em2 oracle-em2
1754/udp oracle-em2 oracle-em2
1755/tcp ms-streaming ms-streaming
1755/udp ms-streaming ms-streaming
1756/tcp capfast-lmd capfast-lmd
1756/udp capfast-lmd capfast-lmd
1757/tcp cnhrp cnhrp
1757/udp cnhrp cnhrp
1758/tcp tftp-mcast tftp-mcast
1758/udp tftp-mcast tftp-mcast
1759/tcp spss-lm SPSS License Manager
1759/udp spss-lm SPSS License Manager
1760/tcp www-ldap-gw www-ldap-gw
1760/udp www-ldap-gw www-ldap-gw
1761/tcp cft-0 cft-0
1761/udp cft-0 cft-0
1762/tcp cft-1 cft-1
1762/udp cft-1 cft-1
1763/tcp cft-2 cft-2
1763/udp cft-2 cft-2
1764/tcp cft-3 cft-3
1764/udp cft-3 cft-3
1765/tcp cft-4 cft-4
1765/udp cft-4 cft-4
1766/tcp cft-5 cft-5
1766/udp cft-5 cft-5
1767/tcp cft-6 cft-6
1767/udp cft-6 cft-6
1768/tcp cft-7 cft-7
1768/udp cft-7 cft-7
1769/tcp bmc-net-adm bmc-net-adm
1769/udp bmc-net-adm bmc-net-adm
1770/tcp bmc-net-svc bmc-net-svc
1770/udp bmc-net-svc bmc-net-svc
1771/tcp vaultbase vaultbase
1771/udp vaultbase vaultbase
1772/tcp essweb-gw EssWeb Gateway
1772/udp essweb-gw EssWeb Gateway
1773/tcp kmscontrol KMSControl
1773/udp kmscontrol KMSControl
1774/tcp global-dtserv global-dtserv
1774/udp global-dtserv global-dtserv
1776/tcp femis Federal Emergency Management Information System
1776/udp femis Federal Emergency Management Information System
1777/tcp powerguardian powerguardian
1777/udp powerguardian powerguardian
1778/tcp prodigy-intrnet prodigy-internet
1778/udp prodigy-intrnet prodigy-internet
1779/tcp pharmasoft pharmasoft
1779/udp pharmasoft pharmasoft
1780/tcp dpkeyserv dpkeyserv
1780/udp dpkeyserv dpkeyserv
1781/tcp answersoft-lm answersoft-lm
1781/udp answersoft-lm answersoft-lm
1782/tcp hp-hcip hp-hcip
1782/udp hp-hcip hp-hcip
1783/tcp fjris Fujitsu Remote Install Service
1783/udp fjris Fujitsu Remote Install Service
1784/tcp finle-lm Finle License Manager
1784/udp finle-lm Finle License Manager
1785/tcp windlm Wind River Systems License Manager
1785/udp windlm Wind River Systems License Manager
1786/tcp funk-logger funk-logger
1786/udp funk-logger funk-logger
1787/tcp funk-license funk-license
1787/udp funk-license funk-license
1788/tcp psmond psmond
1788/udp psmond psmond
1789/tcp hello hello
1789/udp hello hello
1790/tcp nmsp Narrative Media Streaming Protocol
1790/udp nmsp Narrative Media Streaming Protocol
1791/tcp ea1 EA1
1791/udp ea1 EA1
1792/tcp ibm-dt-2 ibm-dt-2
1792/udp ibm-dt-2 ibm-dt-2
1793/tcp rsc-robot rsc-robot
1793/udp rsc-robot rsc-robot
1794/tcp cera-bcm cera-bcm
1794/udp cera-bcm cera-bcm
1795/tcp dpi-proxy dpi-proxy
1795/udp dpi-proxy dpi-proxy
1796/tcp vocaltec-admin Vocaltec Server Administration
1796/udp vocaltec-admin Vocaltec Server Administration
1797/tcp uma UMA
1797/udp uma UMA
1798/tcp etp Event Transfer Protocol
1798/udp etp Event Transfer Protocol
1799/tcp netrisk NETRISK
1799/udp netrisk NETRISK
1800/tcp ansys-lm ANSYS-License manager
1800/udp ansys-lm ANSYS-License manager
1801/tcp msmq Microsoft Message Que
1801/udp msmq Microsoft Message Que
1802/tcp concomp1 ConComp1
1802/udp concomp1 ConComp1
1803/tcp hp-hcip-gwy HP-HCIP-GWY
1803/udp hp-hcip-gwy HP-HCIP-GWY
1804/tcp enl ENL
1804/udp enl ENL
1805/tcp enl-name ENL-Name
1805/udp enl-name ENL-Name
1806/tcp musiconline Musiconline
1806/udp musiconline Musiconline
1807/tcp fhsp Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol
1807/udp fhsp Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol
1808/tcp oracle-vp2 Oracle-VP2
1808/udp oracle-vp2 Oracle-VP2
1809/tcp oracle-vp1 Oracle-VP1
1809/udp oracle-vp1 Oracle-VP1
1810/tcp jerand-lm Jerand License Manager
1810/udp jerand-lm Jerand License Manager
1811/tcp scientia-sdb Scientia-SDB
1811/udp scientia-sdb Scientia-SDB
1812/tcp radius RADIUS
1812/udp radius RADIUS
1813/tcp radius-acct RADIUS Accounting
1813/udp radius-acct RADIUS Accounting
1814/tcp tdp-suite TDP Suite
1814/udp tdp-suite TDP Suite
1815/tcp mmpft MMPFT
1815/udp mmpft MMPFT
1816/tcp harp HARP
1816/udp harp HARP
1818/tcp etftp Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
1818/udp etftp Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
1819/tcp plato-lm Plato License Manager
1819/udp plato-lm Plato License Manager
1820/tcp mcagent mcagent
1820/udp mcagent mcagent
1821/tcp donnyworld donnyworld
1821/udp donnyworld donnyworld
1822/tcp es-elmd es-elmd
1822/udp es-elmd es-elmd
1823/tcp unisys-lm Unisys Natural Language License Manager
1823/udp unisys-lm Unisys Natural Language License Manager
1824/tcp metrics-pas metrics-pas
1824/udp metrics-pas metrics-pas
1828/tcp itm-mcell-u itm-mcell-u
1828/udp itm-mcell-u itm-mcell-u
1850/tcp gsi GSI
1850/udp gsi GSI
1860/tcp sunscalar-svc SunSCALAR Services
1860/udp sunscalar-svc SunSCALAR Services
1861/tcp lecroy-vicp LeCroy VICP
1861/udp lecroy-vicp LeCroy VICP
1862/tcp techra-server techra-server
1862/udp techra-server techra-server
1863/tcp msnp MSNP
1863/udp msnp MSNP
1864/tcp paradym-31port Paradym 31 Port
1864/udp paradym-31port Paradym 31 Port
1865/tcp entp ENTP
1865/udp entp ENTP
1870/tcp sunscalar-dns SunSCALAR DNS Service
1870/udp sunscalar-dns SunSCALAR DNS Service
1881/tcp ibm-mqseries2 IBM MQSeries
1881/udp ibm-mqseries2 IBM MQSeries
1900/tcp ms-upnp Microsoft Universal Plug-and-Play
1900/udp ms-upnp Microsoft Universal Plug-and-Play
1901/tcp fjicl-tep-a Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A
1901/udp fjicl-tep-a Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A
1902/tcp fjicl-tep-b Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B
1902/udp fjicl-tep-b Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B
1903/tcp linkname Local Link Name Resolution
1903/udp linkname Local Link Name Resolution
1904/tcp fjicl-tep-c Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program C
1904/udp fjicl-tep-c Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program C
1905/tcp sugp Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol
1905/udp sugp Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol
1906/tcp tpmd TPortMapperReq
1906/udp tpmd TPortMapperReq
1907/tcp intrastar IntraSTAR
1907/udp intrastar IntraSTAR
1908/tcp dawn Dawn
1908/udp dawn Dawn
1909/tcp global-wlink Global World Link
1909/udp global-wlink Global World Link
1911/tcp mtp Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
1911/udp mtp Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
1913/tcp armadp armadp
1913/udp armadp armadp
1914/tcp elm-momentum Elm-Momentum
1914/udp elm-momentum Elm-Momentum
1915/tcp facelink FACELINK
1915/udp facelink FACELINK
1916/tcp persona Persoft Persona
1916/udp persona Persoft Persona
1917/tcp noagent nOAgent
1917/udp noagent nOAgent
1918/tcp can-nds Candle Directory Service - NDS
1918/udp can-nds Candle Directory Service - NDS
1919/tcp can-dch Candle Directory Service - DCH
1919/udp can-dch Candle Directory Service - DCH
1920/tcp can-ferret Candle Directory Service - FERRET
1920/udp can-ferret Candle Directory Service - FERRET
1921/tcp noadmin NoAdmin
1921/udp noadmin NoAdmin
1944/tcp close-combat close-combat
1944/udp close-combat close-combat
1945/tcp dialogic-elmd dialogic-elmd
1945/udp dialogic-elmd dialogic-elmd
1946/tcp tekpls tekpls
1946/udp tekpls tekpls
1947/tcp hlserver hlserver
1947/udp hlserver hlserver
1948/tcp eye2eye eye2eye
1948/udp eye2eye eye2eye
1949/tcp ismaeasdaqlive ISMA Easdaq Live
1949/udp ismaeasdaqlive ISMA Easdaq Live
1950/tcp ismaeasdaqtest ISMA Easdaq Test
1950/udp ismaeasdaqtest ISMA Easdaq Test
1951/tcp bcs-lmserver bcs-lmserver
1951/udp bcs-lmserver bcs-lmserver
1973/tcp dlsrap Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol
1973/udp dlsrap Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol
1985/tcp hsrp Hot Standby Router Protocol
1985/udp hsrp Hot Standby Router Protocol
1986/tcp licensedaemon cisco license management
1986/udp licensedaemon cisco license management
1987/tcp tr-rsrb-p1 cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
1987/udp tr-rsrb-p1 cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
1988/tcp tr-rsrb-p2 cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
1988/udp tr-rsrb-p2 cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
1989/tcp tr-rsrb-p3 cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
1989/udp tr-rsrb-p3 cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
1989/tcp mshnet MHSnet system
1989/udp mshnet MHSnet system
1990/tcp stun-p1 cisco STUN Priority 1 port
1990/udp stun-p1 cisco STUN Priority 1 port
1991/tcp stun-p2 cisco STUN Priority 2 port
1991/udp stun-p2 cisco STUN Priority 2 port
1992/tcp stun-p3 cisco STUN Priority 3 port
1992/udp stun-p3 cisco STUN Priority 3 port
1992/tcp ipsendmsg IPsendmsg
1992/udp ipsendmsg IPsendmsg
1993/tcp snmp-tcp-port cisco SNMP TCP port
1993/udp snmp-tcp-port cisco SNMP TCP port
1994/tcp stun-port cisco serial tunnel port
1994/udp stun-port cisco serial tunnel port
1995/tcp perf-port cisco perf port
1995/udp perf-port cisco perf port
1996/tcp tr-rsrb-port cisco Remote SRB port
1996/udp tr-rsrb-port cisco Remote SRB port
1997/tcp gdp-port cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
1997/udp gdp-port cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
1998/tcp x25-svc-port cisco X.25 service (XOT)
1998/udp x25-svc-port cisco X.25 service (XOT)
1999/tcp tcp-id-port cisco identification port
1999/udp tcp-id-port cisco identification port
2000/tcp callbook
2000/udp callbook
2001/tcp dc
2001/udp wizard curry
2002/tcp globe
2002/udp globe
2004/tcp mailbox
2004/udp emce CCWS mm conf
2005/tcp berknet
2005/udp oracle
2006/tcp invokator
2006/udp raid-cc raid
2007/tcp dectalk
2007/udp raid-am
2008/tcp conf
2008/udp terminaldb
2009/tcp news
2009/udp whosockami
2010/tcp search
2010/udp pipe_server
2011/tcp raid-cc raid
2011/udp servserv
2012/tcp ttyinfo
2012/udp raid-ac
2013/tcp raid-am
2013/udp raid-cd
2014/tcp troff
2014/udp raid-sf
2015/tcp cypress
2015/udp raid-cs
2016/tcp bootserver
2016/udp bootserver
2017/tcp cypress-stat
2017/udp bootclient
2018/tcp terminaldb
2018/udp rellpack
2019/tcp whosockami
2019/udp about
2020/tcp xinupageserver
2020/udp xinupageserver
2021/tcp servexec
2021/udp xinuexpansion1
2022/tcp down
2022/udp xinuexpansion2
2023/tcp xinuexpansion3
2023/udp xinuexpansion3
2024/tcp xinuexpansion4
2024/udp xinuexpansion4
2025/tcp ellpack
2025/udp xribs
2026/tcp scrabble
2026/udp scrabble
2027/tcp shadowserver
2027/udp shadowserver
2028/tcp submitserver
2028/udp submitserver
2030/tcp device2
2030/udp device2
2032/tcp blackboard
2032/udp blackboard
2033/tcp glogger
2033/udp glogger
2034/tcp scoremgr
2034/udp scoremgr
2035/tcp imsldoc
2035/udp imsldoc
2038/tcp objectmanager
2038/udp objectmanager
2040/tcp lam
2040/udp lam
2041/tcp interbase
2041/udp interbase
2042/tcp isis isis
2042/udp isis isis
2043/tcp isis-bcast isis-bcast
2043/udp isis-bcast isis-bcast
2044/tcp rimsl
2044/udp rimsl
2045/tcp cdfunc
2045/udp cdfunc
2046/tcp sdfunc
2046/udp sdfunc
2047/tcp dls
2047/udp dls
2048/tcp dls-monitor
2048/udp dls-monitor
2049/tcp shilp
2049/udp shilp
2049/tcp nfs Network File System - Sun Microsystems
2049/udp nfs Network File System - Sun Microsystems
2065/tcp dlsrpn Data Link Switch Read Port Number
2065/udp dlsrpn Data Link Switch Read Port Number
2067/tcp dlswpn Data Link Switch Write Port Number
2067/udp dlswpn Data Link Switch Write Port Number
2090/tcp lrp Load Report Protocol
2090/udp lrp Load Report Protocol
2091/tcp prp PRP
2091/udp prp PRP
2100/tcp amiganetfs amiganetfs
2100/udp amiganetfs amiganetfs
2102/tcp zephyr-srv Zephyr server
2102/udp zephyr-srv Zephyr server
2103/tcp zephyr-clt Zephyr serv-hm connection
2103/udp zephyr-clt Zephyr serv-hm connection
2104/tcp zephyr-hm Zephyr hostmanager
2104/udp zephyr-hm Zephyr hostmanager
2105/tcp minipay MiniPay
2105/udp minipay MiniPay
2180/tcp mc-gt-srv Millicent Vendor Gateway Server
2180/udp mc-gt-srv Millicent Vendor Gateway Server
2200/tcp ici ICI
2200/udp ici ICI
2201/tcp ats Advanced Training System Program
2201/udp ats Advanced Training System Program
2202/tcp imtc-map Int. Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium
2202/udp imtc-map Int. Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium
2213/tcp kali Kali
2213/udp kali Kali
2220/tcp ganymede Ganymede
2220/udp ganymede Ganymede
2221/tcp unreg-ab1 Allen-Bradley unregistered port
2221/udp unreg-ab1 Allen-Bradley unregistered port
2222/tcp unreg-ab2 Allen-Bradley unregistered port
2222/udp unreg-ab2 Allen-Bradley unregistered port
2223/tcp inreg-ab3 Allen-Bradley unregistered port
2223/udp inreg-ab3 Allen-Bradley unregistered port
2232/tcp ivs-video IVS Video default
2232/udp ivs-video IVS Video default
2233/tcp infocrypt INFOCRYPT
2233/udp infocrypt INFOCRYPT
2234/tcp directplay DirectPlay
2234/udp directplay DirectPlay
2235/tcp sercomm-wlink Sercomm-WLink
2235/udp sercomm-wlink Sercomm-WLink
2236/tcp nani Nani
2236/udp nani Nani
2237/tcp optech-port1-lm Optech Port1 License Manager
2237/udp optech-port1-lm Optech Port1 License Manager
2238/tcp aviva-sna AVIVA SNA SERVER
2238/udp aviva-sna AVIVA SNA SERVER
2239/tcp imagequery Image Query
2239/udp imagequery Image Query
2240/tcp recipe RECIPe
2240/udp recipe RECIPe
2241/tcp ivsd IVS Daemon
2241/udp ivsd IVS Daemon
2242/tcp foliocorp Folio Remote Server
2242/udp foliocorp Folio Remote Server
2279/tcp xmquery xmquery
2279/udp xmquery xmquery
2280/tcp lnvpoller LNVPOLLER
2280/udp lnvpoller LNVPOLLER
2281/tcp lnvconsole LNVCONSOLE
2281/udp lnvconsole LNVCONSOLE
2282/tcp lnvalarm LNVALARM
2282/udp lnvalarm LNVALARM
2283/tcp lnvstatus LNVSTATUS
2283/udp lnvstatus LNVSTATUS
2284/tcp lnvmaps LNVMAPS
2284/udp lnvmaps LNVMAPS
2285/tcp lnvmailmon LNVMAILMON
2285/udp lnvmailmon LNVMAILMON
2286/tcp nas-metering NAS-Metering
2286/udp nas-metering NAS-Metering
2287/tcp dna DNA
2287/udp dna DNA
2288/tcp netml NETML
2288/udp netml NETML
2295/tcp advant-lm Advant License Manager
2295/udp advant-lm Advant License Manager
2296/tcp theta-lm Theta License Manager (Rainbow)
2296/udp theta-lm Theta License Manager (Rainbow)
2297/tcp d2k-datamover1 D2K DataMover 1
2297/udp d2k-datamover1 D2K DataMover 1
2298/tcp d2k-datamover2 D2K DataMover 2
2298/udp d2k-datamover2 D2K DataMover 2
2299/tcp pc-telecommute PC Telecommute
2299/udp pc-telecommute PC Telecommute
2300/tcp cvmmon CVMMON
2300/udp cvmmon CVMMON
2301/tcp cpq-wbem Compaq HTTP
2301/udp cpq-wbem Compaq HTTP
2302/tcp binderysupport Bindery Support
2302/udp binderysupport Bindery Support
2303/tcp proxy-gateway Proxy Gateway
2303/udp proxy-gateway Proxy Gateway
2304/tcp attachmate-uts Attachmate UTS
2304/udp attachmate-uts Attachmate UTS
2305/tcp mt-scaleserver MT ScaleServer
2305/udp mt-scaleserver MT ScaleServer
2306/tcp tappi-boxnet TAPPI BoxNet
2306/udp tappi-boxnet TAPPI BoxNet
2307/tcp pehelp pehelp
2307/udp pehelp pehelp
2308/tcp sdhelp sdhelp
2308/udp sdhelp sdhelp
2309/tcp sdserver SD Server
2309/udp sdserver SD Server
2310/tcp sdclient SD Client
2310/udp sdclient SD Client
2311/tcp messageservice Message Service
2311/udp messageservice Message Service
2313/tcp iapp IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)
2313/udp iapp IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)
2314/tcp cr-websystems CR WebSystems
2314/udp cr-websystems CR WebSystems
2315/tcp precise-sft Precise Sft.
2315/udp precise-sft Precise Sft.
2316/tcp sent-lm SENT License Manager
2316/udp sent-lm SENT License Manager
2317/tcp attachmate-g32 Attachmate G32
2317/udp attachmate-g32 Attachmate G32
2318/tcp cadencecontrol Cadence Control
2318/udp cadencecontrol Cadence Control
2319/tcp infolibria InfoLibria
2319/udp infolibria InfoLibria
2320/tcp siebel-ns Siebel NS
2320/udp siebel-ns Siebel NS
2321/tcp rdlap RDLAP over UDP
2321/udp rdlap RDLAP
2322/tcp ofsd ofsd
2322/udp ofsd ofsd
2323/tcp 3d-nfsd 3d-nfsd
2323/udp 3d-nfsd 3d-nfsd
2324/tcp cosmocall Cosmocall
2324/udp cosmocall Cosmocall
2325/tcp designspace-lm Design Space License Management
2325/udp designspace-lm Design Space License Management
2326/tcp idcp IDCP
2326/udp idcp IDCP
2327/tcp xingcsm xingcsm
2327/udp xingcsm xingcsm
2328/tcp netrix-sftm Netrix SFTM
2328/udp netrix-sftm Netrix SFTM
2329/tcp nvd NVD
2329/udp nvd NVD
2330/tcp tscchat TSCCHAT
2330/udp tscchat TSCCHAT
2331/tcp agentview AGENTVIEW
2331/udp agentview AGENTVIEW
2332/tcp rcc-host RCC Host
2332/udp rcc-host RCC Host
2333/tcp snapp SNAPP
2333/udp snapp SNAPP
2334/tcp ace-client ACE Client Auth
2334/udp ace-client ACE Client Auth
2335/tcp ace-proxy ACE Proxy
2335/udp ace-proxy ACE Proxy
2336/tcp appleugcontrol Apple UG Control
2336/udp appleugcontrol Apple UG Control
2337/tcp ideesrv ideesrv
2337/udp ideesrv ideesrv
2338/tcp norton-lambert Norton Lambert
2338/udp norton-lambert Norton Lambert
2339/tcp 3com-webview 3Com WebView
2339/udp 3com-webview 3Com WebView
2340/tcp wrs_registry WRS Registry
2340/udp wrs_registry WRS Registry
2341/tcp xiostatus XIO Status
2341/udp xiostatus XIO Status
2342/tcp manage-exec Seagate Manage Exec
2342/udp manage-exec Seagate Manage Exec
2343/tcp nati-logos nati logos
2343/udp nati-logos nati logos
2344/tcp fcmsys fcmsys
2344/udp fcmsys fcmsys
2345/tcp dbm dbm
2345/udp dbm dbm
2346/tcp redstorm_join Game Connection Port
2346/udp redstorm_join Game Connection Port
2347/tcp redstorm_find Game Announcement and Location
2347/udp redstorm_find Game Announcement and Location
2348/tcp redstorm_info Information to query for game status
2348/udp redstorm_info Information to query for game status
2349/tcp redstorm_diag Diagnostics Port
2349/udp redstorm_diag Disgnostics Port
2350/tcp psbserver psbserver
2350/udp psbserver psbserver
2351/tcp psrserver psrserver
2351/udp psrserver psrserver
2352/tcp pslserver pslserver
2352/udp pslserver pslserver
2353/tcp pspserver pspserver
2353/udp pspserver pspserver
2354/tcp psprserver psprserver
2354/udp psprserver psprserver
2355/tcp psdbserver psdbserver
2355/udp psdbserver psdbserver
2356/tcp gxtelmd GXT License Managemant
2356/udp gxtelmd GXT License Managemant
2357/tcp unihub-server UniHub Server
2357/udp unihub-server UniHub Server
2358/tcp futrix Futrix
2358/udp futrix Futrix
2359/tcp flukeserver FlukeServer
2359/udp flukeserver FlukeServer
2389/tcp ovsessionmgr OpenView Session Mgr
2389/udp ovsessionmgr OpenView Session Mgr
2390/tcp rsmtp RSMTP
2390/udp rsmtp RSMTP
2391/tcp 3com-net-mgmt 3COM Net Management
2391/udp 3com-net-mgmt 3COM Net Management
2392/tcp tacticalauth Tactical Auth
2392/udp tacticalauth Tactical Auth
2393/tcp ms-olap1 MS OLAP 1
2393/udp ms-olap1 MS OLAP 1
2394/tcp ms-olap2 MS OLAP 2
2394/udp ms-olap2 MA OLAP 2
2395/tcp lan900_remote LAN900 Remote
2395/udp lan900_remote LAN900 Remote
2396/tcp wusage Wusage
2396/udp wusage Wusage
2397/tcp ncl NCL
2397/udp ncl NCL
2398/tcp orbiter Orbiter
2398/udp orbiter Orbiter
2399/tcp fmpro-fdal FileMaker, Inc. - Data Access Layer
2399/udp fmpro-fdal FileMaker, Inc. - Data Access Layer
2400/tcp opequus-server OpEquus Server
2400/udp opequus-server OpEquus Server
2401/tcp cvspserver cvspserver
2401/udp cvspserver cvspserver
2402/tcp taskmaster2000 TaskMaster 2000 Server
2402/udp taskmaster2000 TaskMaster 2000 Server
2403/tcp taskmaster2000 TaskMaster 2000 Web
2403/udp taskmaster2000 TaskMaster 2000 Web
2404/tcp iec870-5-104 IEC870-5-104
2404/udp iec870-5-104 IEC870-5-104
2405/tcp trc-netpoll TRC Netpoll
2405/udp trc-netpoll TRC Netpoll
2406/tcp jediserver JediServer
2406/udp jediserver JediServer
2407/tcp orion Orion
2407/udp orion Orion
2408/tcp optimanet OptimaNet
2408/udp optimanet OptimaNet
2409/tcp sns-protocol SNS Protocol
2409/udp sns-protocol SNS Protocol
2410/tcp vrts-registry VRTS Registry
2410/udp vrts-registry VRTS Registry
2411/tcp netwave-ap-mgmt Netwave AP Management
2411/udp netwave-ap-mgmt Netwave AP Management
2412/tcp cdn CDN
2412/udp cdn CDN
2413/tcp orion-rmi-reg orion-rmi-reg
2413/udp orion-rmi-reg orion-rmi-reg
2414/tcp interlingua Interlingua
2414/udp interlingua Interlingua
2415/tcp comtest COMTEST
2415/udp comtest COMTEST
2416/tcp rmtserver RMT Server
2416/udp rmtserver RMT Server
2417/tcp composit-server Composit Server
2417/udp composit-server Composit Server
2418/tcp cas cas
2418/udp cas cas
2419/tcp attachmate-s2s Attachmate S2S
2419/udp attachmate-s2s Attachmate S2S
2420/tcp dslremote-mgmt DSL Remote Management
2420/udp dslremote-mgmt DSL Remote Management
2421/tcp g-talk G-Talk
2421/udp g-talk G-Talk
2422/tcp crmsbits CRMSBITS
2422/udp crmsbits CRMSBITS
2423/tcp rnrp RNRP
2423/udp rnrp RNRP
2424/tcp kofax-svr KOFAX-SVR
2424/udp kofax-svr KOFAX-SVR
2425/tcp fjitsuappmgr Fujitsu App Manager
2425/udp fjitsuappmgr Fujitsu App Manager
2426/tcp applianttcp Appliant TCP
2426/udp appliantudp Appliant UDP
2427/tcp stgcp Simple telephony Gateway Control Protocol
2427/udp stgcp Simple telephony Gateway Control Protocol
2428/tcp ott One Way Trip Time
2428/udp ott One Way Trip Time
2429/tcp ft-role FT-ROLE
2429/udp ft-role FT-ROLE
2430/tcp venus venus
2430/udp venus venus
2431/tcp venus-se venus-se
2431/udp venus-se venus-se
2432/tcp codasrv codasrv
2432/udp codasrv codasrv
2433/tcp codasrv-se codasrv-se
2433/udp codasrv-se codasrv-se
2434/tcp pxc-epmap pxc-epmap
2434/udp pxc-epmap pxc-epmap
2435/tcp optilogic OptiLogic
2435/udp optilogic OptiLogic
2436/tcp topx TOP/X
2436/udp topx TOP/X
2437/tcp unicontrol UniControl
2437/udp unicontrol UniControl
2438/tcp msp MSP
2438/udp msp MSP
2439/tcp sybasedbsynch SybaseDBSynch
2439/udp sybasedbsynch SybaseDBSynch
2440/tcp spearway Spearway Lockers
2440/udp spearway Spearway Lockser
2441/tcp pvsw-inet pvsw-inet
2441/udp pvsw-inet pvsw-inet
2442/tcp netangel Netangel
2442/udp netangel Netangel
2443/tcp powerclientcsf PowerClient Central Storage Facility
2443/udp powerclientcsf PowerClient Central Storage Facility
2444/tcp btpp2sectrans BT PP2 Sectrans
2444/udp btpp2sectrans BT PP2 Sectrans
2445/tcp dtn1 DTN1
2445/udp dtn1 DTN1
2446/tcp bues_service bues_service
2446/udp bues_service bues_service
2447/tcp ovwdb OpenView NNM daemon
2447/udp ovwdb OpenView NNM daemon
2448/tcp hpppssvr hpppsvr
2448/udp hpppssvr hpppsvr
2449/tcp ratl RATL
2449/udp ratl RATL
2450/tcp netadmin netadmin
2450/udp netadmin netadmin
2451/tcp netchat netchat
2451/udp netchat netchat
2452/tcp netpodclient NetPodClient
2452/udp netpodclient NetPodClient
2453/tcp madge-om madge-om
2453/udp madge-om madge-om
2454/tcp indx-dds IndX-DDS
2454/udp indx-dds IndX-DDS
2455/tcp wago-io-system WAGO-IO-SYSTEM
2455/udp wago-io-system WAGO-IO-SYSTEM
2456/tcp altav-remmgt altav-remmgt
2456/udp altav-remmgt altav-remmgt
2457/tcp rapido-ip Rapido_IP
2457/udp rapido-ip Rapido_IP
2458/tcp griffin griffin
2458/udp griffin griffin
2500/tcp rtsserv Resource Tracking system server
2500/udp rtsserv Resource Tracking system server
2501/tcp rtsclient Resource Tracking system client
2501/udp rtsclient Resource Tracking system client
2524/tcp optiwave-lm Optiwave License Management
2524/udp optiwave-lm Optiwave License Management
2525/tcp ms-v-worlds MS V-Worlds
2525/udp ms-v-worlds MS V-Worlds
2526/tcp ema-sent-lm EMA License Manager
2526/udp ema-sent-lm EMA License Manager
2527/tcp iqserver IQ Server
2527/udp iqserver IQ Server
2528/tcp ncr_ccl NCR CCL
2528/udp ncr_ccl NCR CCL
2529/tcp utsftp UTS FTP
2529/udp utsftp UTS FTP
2530/tcp vrcommerce VR Commerce
2530/udp vrcommerce VR Commerce
2531/tcp ito-e-gui ITO-E GUI
2531/udp ito-e-gui ITO-E GUI
2532/tcp ovtopmd OVTOPMD
2532/udp ovtopmd OVTOPMD
2534/tcp combox-web-acc Combox Web Access
2534/udp combox-web-acc Combox Web Access
2564/tcp hp-3000-telnet HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet
2592/tcp netrek netrek
2592/udp netrek netrek
2593/tcp mns-mail MNS Mail Notice Service
2593/udp mns-mail MNS Mail Notice Service
2628/tcp dict DICT
2628/udp dict DICT
2629/tcp sitaraserver Sitara Server
2629/udp sitaraserver Sitara Server
2630/tcp sitaramgmt Sitara Management
2630/udp sitaramgmt Sitara Management
2631/tcp sitaradir Sitara Dir
2631/udp sitaradir Sitara Dir
2632/tcp irdg-post IRdg Post
2632/udp irdg-post IRdg Post
2633/tcp interintelli InterIntelli
2633/udp interintelli InterIntelli
2634/tcp pk-electronics PK Electronics
2634/udp pk-electronics PK Electronics
2635/tcp backburner Back Burner
2635/udp backburner Back Burner
2636/tcp solve Solve
2636/udp solve Solve
2637/tcp imdocsvc Import Document Service
2637/udp imdocsvc Import Document Service
2638/tcp sybaseanywhere Sybase Anywhere
2638/udp sybaseanywhere Sybase Anywhere
2639/tcp aminet AMInet
2639/udp aminet AMInet
2640/tcp sai_sentlm Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager
2640/udp sai_sentlm Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager
2641/tcp hdl-srv HDL Server
2641/udp hdl-srv HDL Server
2642/tcp tragic Tragic
2642/udp tragic Tragic
2643/tcp gte-samp GTE-SAMP
2643/udp gte-samp GTE-SAMP
2644/tcp travsoft-ipx-t Travsoft IPX Tunnel
2644/udp travsoft-ipx-t Travsoft IPX Tunnel
2645/tcp novell-ipx-cmd Novell IPX CMD
2645/udp novell-ipx-cmd Novell IPX CMD
2646/tcp and-lm AND Licence Manager
2646/udp and-lm AND License Manager
2647/tcp syncserver SyncServer
2647/udp syncserver SyncServer
2648/tcp upsnotifyprot Upsnotifyprot
2648/udp upsnotifyprot Upsnotifyprot
2649/tcp vpsipport VPSIPPORT
2649/udp vpsipport VPSIPPORT
2650/tcp eristwoguns eristwoguns
2650/udp eristwoguns eristwoguns
2651/tcp ebinsite EBInSite
2651/udp ebinsite EBInSite
2652/tcp interpathpanel InterPathPanel
2652/udp interpathpanel InterPathPanel
2653/tcp sonus Sonus
2653/udp sonus Sonus
2654/tcp corel_vncadmin Corel VNC Admin
2654/udp corel_vncadmin Corel VNC Admin
2655/tcp unglue UNIX Nt Glue
2655/udp unglue UNIX Nt Glue
2656/tcp kana Kana
2656/udp kana Kana
2657/tcp sns-dispatcher SNS Dispatcher
2657/udp sns-dispatcher SNS Dispatcher
2658/tcp sns-admin SNS Admin
2658/udp sns-admin SNS Admin
2659/tcp sns-query SNS Query
2659/udp sns-query SNS Query
2700/tcp tqdata tqdata
2700/udp tqdata tqdata
2784/tcp www-dev world wide web - development
2784/udp www-dev world wide web - development
2785/tcp aic-np aic-np
2785/udp aic-np aic-np
2786/tcp aic-oncrpc aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
2786/udp aic-oncrpc aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
2787/tcp piccolo piccolo - Cornerstone Software
2787/udp piccolo piccolo - Cornerstone Software
2788/tcp fryeserv NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software
2788/udp fryeserv NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software
2789/tcp media-agent Media Agent
2789/udp media-agent Media Agent
2908/tcp mao mao
2908/udp mao mao
2909/tcp funk-dialout Funk Dialout
2909/udp funk-dialout Funk Dialout
2910/tcp tdaccess TDAccess
2910/udp tdaccess TDAccess
2911/tcp blockade Blockade
2911/udp blockade Blockade
2912/tcp epicon Epicon
2912/udp epicon Epicon
2913/tcp boosterware Booster Ware
2913/udp boosterware Booster Ware
2914/tcp gamelobby Game Lobby
2914/udp gamelobby Game Lobby
2915/tcp tksocket TK Socket
2915/udp tksocket TK Socket
2916/tcp elvin_server Elvin Server
2916/ucp elvin_server Elvin Server
2917/tcp elvin_client Elvin Client
2917/udp elvin_client Elvin Client
2918/tcp kastenchasepad Kasten Chase Pad
2918/udp kastenchasepad Kasten Chase Pad
2971/tcp netclip Net Clip
2971/udp netclip Net Clip
2972/tcp pmsm-webrctl PMSM Webrctl
2972/udp pmsm-webrctl PMSM Webrctl
2973/tcp svnetworks SV Networks
2973/udp svnetworks SV Networks
2974/tcp signal Signal
2974/udp signal Signal
2975/tcp fjmpcm Fujitsu Configuration Management Service
2975/udp fjmpcm Fujitsu Configuration Management Service
2998/tcp realsecure Real Secure
2998/udp realsecure Real Secure
2999/tcp remoteware-un RemoteWare Unassigned
2999/udp remoteware-un RemoteWare Unassigned
3000/tcp hbci HBCI
3000/udp hbci HBCI
3000/tcp remoteware-cl RemoteWare Client
3000/udp remoteware-cl RemoteWare Client
3001/tcp redwood-broker Redwood Broker
3001/udp redwood-broker Redwood Broker
3002/tcp exlm-agent EXLM Agent
3002/udp exlm-agent EXLM Agent
3002/tcp remoteware-srv RemoteWare Server
3002/udp remoteware-srv RemoteWare Server
3003/tcp cgms CGMS
3003/udp cgms CGMS
3004/tcp csoftragent Csoft Agent
3004/udp csoftragent Csoft Agent
3005/tcp geniuslm Genius License Manager
3005/udp geniuslm Genius License Manager
3006/tcp ii-admin Instant Internet Admin
3006/udp ii-admin Instant Internet Admin
3007/tcp lotusmtap Lotus Mail Tracking Agent Protocol
3007/udp lotusmtap Lotus Mail Tracking Agent Protocol
3008/tcp midnight-tech Midnight Technologies
3008/udp midnight-tech Midnight Technologies
3009/tcp pxc-ntfy PXC-NTFY
3009/udp pxc-ntfy PXC-NTFY
3010/tcp gw Telerate Workstation
3010/udp ping-pong Telerate Workstation
3011/tcp trusted-web Trusted Web
3011/udp trusted-web Trusted Web
3012/tcp twsdss Trusted Web Client
3012/udp twsdss Trusted Web Client
3013/tcp gilatskysurfer Gilat Sky Surfer
3013/udp gilatskysurfer Gilat Sky Surfer
3014/tcp broker_service Broker Service
3014/udp broker_service Broker Service
3015/tcp nati-dstp NATI DSTP
3015/udp nati-dstp NATI DSTP
3016/tcp notify_srvr Notify Server
3016/udp notify_srvr Notify Server
3017/tcp event_listener Event Listener
3017/udp event_listener Event Listener
3018/tcp srvc_registry Service Registry
3018/udp srvc_registry Service Registry
3019/tcp resource_mgr Resource Manager
3019/udp resource_mgr Resource Manager
3020/tcp cifs CIFS
3020/udp cifs CIFS
3021/tcp agriserver AGRI Server
3021/udp agriserver AGRI Server
3047/tcp hlserver Fast Security HL Server
3047/udp hlserver Fast Security HL Server
3048/tcp pctrader Sierra Net PC Trader
3048/udp pctrader Sierra Net PC Trader
3049/tcp nsws NSWS
3049/udp nsws NSWS
3080/tcp stm_pproc stm_pproc
3080/udp stm_pproc stm_pproc
3105/tcp cardbox Cardbox
3105/udp cardbox Cardbox
3106/tcp cardbox-http Cardbox HTTP
3106/udp cardbox-http Cardbox HTTP
3130/tcp icpv2 ICPv2
3130/udp icpv2 ICPv2
3131/tcp netbookmark Net Book Mark
3131/udp netbookmark Net Book Mark
3141/tcp vmodem VMODEM
3141/udp vmodem VMODEM
3142/tcp rdc-wh-eos RDC WH EOS
3142/udp rdc-wh-eos RDC WH EOS
3143/tcp seaview Sea View
3143/udp seaview Sea View
3144/tcp tarantella Tarantella
3144/udp tarantella Tarantella
3145/tcp csi-lfap CSI-LFAP
3145/udp csi-lfap CSI-LFAP
3147/tcp rfio RFIO
3147/udp rfio RFIO
3180/tcp mc-brk-srv Millicent Broker Server
3180/udp mc-brk-srv Millicent Broker Server
3264/tcp ccmail cc:mail/lotus
3264/udp ccmail cc:mail/lotus
3265/tcp altav-tunnel Altav Tunnel
3265/udp altav-tunnel Altav Tunnel
3266/tcp ns-cfg-server NS CFG Server
3266/udp ns-cfg-server NS CFG Server
3267/tcp ibm-dial-out IBM Dial Out
3267/udp ibm-dial-out IBM Dial Out
3268/tcp msft-gc Microsoft Global Catalog
3268/udp msft-gc Microsoft Global Catalog
3269/tcp msft-gc-ssl Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
3269/udp msft-gc-ssl Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
3270/tcp verismart Verismart
3270/udp verismart Verismart
3271/tcp csoft-prev CSoft Prev Port
3271/udp csoft-prev CSoft Prev Port
3272/tcp user-manager Fujitsu User Manager
3272/udp user-manager Fujitsu User Manager
3273/tcp sxmp Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
3273/udp sxmp Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
3274/tcp ordinox-server Ordinox Server
3274/udp ordinox-server Ordinox Server
3275/tcp samd SAMD
3275/udp samd SAMD
3276/tcp maxim-asics Maxim ASICs
3276/udp maxim-asics Maxim ASICs
3277/tcp awg-proxy AWG Proxy
3277/udp awg-proxy AWG Proxy
3278/tcp lkcmserver LKCM Server
3278/udp lkcmserver LKCM Server
3279/tcp admind admind
3279/udp admind admind
3280/tcp vs-server VS Server
3280/udp vs-server VS Server
3281/tcp sysopt SYSOPT
3281/udp sysopt SYSOPT
3282/tcp datusorb Datusorb
3282/udp datusorb Datusorb
3283/tcp net-assistant Net Assistant
3283/udp net-assistant Net Assistant
3284/tcp 4talk 4Talk
3284/udp 4talk 4Talk
3285/tcp plato Plato
3285/udp plato Plato
3286/tcp e-net E-Net
3286/udp e-net E-Net
3287/tcp directvdata DIRECTVDATA
3287/udp directvdata DIRECTVDATA
3288/tcp cops COPS
3288/udp cops COPS
3289/tcp enpc ENPC
3289/udp enpc ENPC
3290/tcp caps-lm CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM
3290/udp caps-lm CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM
3291/tcp sah-lm S A Holditch & Associates - LM
3291/udp sah-lm S A Holditch & Associates - LM
3292/tcp cart-o-rama Cart O Rama
3292/udp cart-o-rama Cart O Rama
3293/tcp fg-fps fg-fps
3293/udp fg-fps fg-fps
3294/tcp fg-gip fg-gip
3294/udp fg-gip fg-gip
3295/tcp dyniplookup Dynamic IP Lookup
3295/udp dyniplookup Dynamic IP Lookup
3296/tcp rib-slm Rib License Manager
3296/udp rib-slm Rib License Manager
3297/tcp cytel-lm Cytel License Manager
3297/udp cytel-lm Cytel License Manager
3298/tcp transview Transview
3298/udp transview Transview
3299/tcp pdrncs pdrncs
3299/udp pdrncs pdrncs
3300/tcp bmcpatrolagent BMC Patrol Agent
3300/udp bmcpatrolagent BMC Patrol Agent
3301/tcp bmcpatrolrnvu BMC Patrol Rendezvous
3301/udp bmcpatrolrnvu BMC Patrol Rendezvous
3302/tcp mcs-fastmail MCS Fastmail
3302/udp mcs-fastmail MCS Fastmail
3303/tcp opsession-clnt OP Session Client
3303/udp opsession-clnt OP Session Client
3304/tcp opsession-srvr OP Session Server
3304/udp opsession-srvr OP Session Server
3305/tcp odette-ftp ODETTE-FTP
3305/udp odette-ftp ODETTE-FTP
3306/tcp mysql MySQL
3306/udp mysql MySQL
3307/tcp opsession-prxy OP Session Proxy
3307/udp opsession-prxy OP Session Proxy
3308/tcp tns-server TNS Server
3308/udp tns-server TNS Server
3309/tcp tns-adv TNS ADV
3309/udp tns-adv TND ADV
3310/tcp dyna-access Dyna Access
3310/udp dyna-access Dyna Access
3311/tcp mcns-tel-ret MCNS Tel Ret
3311/udp mcns-tel-ret MCNS Tel Ret
3312/tcp appman-server Application Management Server
3312/udp appman-server Application Management Server
3313/tcp uorb Unify Object Broker
3313/udp uorb Unify Object Broker
3314/tcp uohost Unify Object Host
3314/udp uohost Unify Object Host
3315/tcp cdid CDID
3315/udp cdid CDID
3316/tcp aicc-cmi AICC/CMI
3316/udp aicc-cmi AICC/CMI
3317/tcp vsaiport VSAI PORT
3317/udp vsaiport VSAI PORT
3318/tcp ssrip Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol
3318/udp ssrip Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol
3319/tcp sdt-lmd SDT License Manager
3319/udp sdt-lmd SDT License Manager
3320/tcp officelink2000 Office Link 2000
3320/udp officelink2000 Office Link 2000
3321/tcp vnsstr VNSSTR
3321/udp vnsstr VNSSTR
3322/tcp active-net Active Networks
3322/udp active-net Active Networks
3323/tcp active-net Active Networks
3323/udp active-net Active Networks
3324/tcp active-net Active Networks
3324/udp active-net Active Networks
3325/tcp active-net Active Networks
3325/udp active-net Active Networks
3326/tcp sftu SFTU
3326/udp sftu SFTU
3327/tcp bbars BBARS
3327/udp bbars BBARS
3328/tcp egptlm Eaglepoint License Manager
3328/udp egptlm Eaglepoint License Manager
3329/tcp hp-device-disc HP Device Disc
3329/udp hp-device-disc HP Device Disc
3330/tcp mcs-calypsoicf MCS Calypso ICF
3330/udp mcs-calypsoicf MCS Calypso ICF
3331/tcp mcs-messaging MCS Messaging
3331/udp mcs-messaging MCS Messaging
3332/tcp mcs-mailsvr MCS Mail Server
3332/udp mcs-mailsvr MCS Mail Server
3333/tcp dec-notes DEC Notes
3333/udp dec-notes DEC Notes
3334/tcp directv-web Direct TV Webcasting
3334/udp directv-web Direct TV Webcasting
3335/tcp directv-soft Direct TV Software Updates
3335/udp directv-soft Direct TV Software Updates
3336/tcp directv-tick Direct TV Tickers
3336/udp directv-tick Direct TV Tickers
3337/tcp directv-catlg Direct TV Data Catalog
3337/udp directv-catlg Direct TV Data Catalog
3338/tcp anet-b OMF data b
3338/udp anet-b OMF data b
3339/tcp anet-l OMF data l
3339/udp anet-l OMF data l
3340/tcp anet-m OMF data m
3340/udp anet-m OMF data m
3341/tcp anet-h OMF data h
3341/udp anet-h OMF data h
3342/tcp webtie WebTIE
3342/udp webtie WebTIE
3343/tcp ms-cluster-net MS Cluster Net
3343/udp ms-cluster-net MS Cluster Net
3344/tcp bnt-manager BNT Manager
3344/udp bnt-manager BNT Manager
3345/tcp influence Influence
3345/udp influence Influence
3346/tcp trnsprntproxy Trnsprnt Proxy
3346/udp trnsprntproxy Trnsprnt Proxy
3347/tcp phoenix-rpc Phoenix RPC
3347/udp phoenix-rpc Phoenix RPC
3348/tcp pangolin-laser Pangolin Laser
3348/udp pangolin-laser Pangolin Laser
3349/tcp chevinservices Chevin Services
3349/udp chevinservices Chevin Services
3350/tcp findviatv FINDVIATV
3350/udp findviatv FINDVIATV
3351/tcp btrieve BTRIEVE
3351/udp btrieve BTRIEVE
3352/tcp ssql SSQL
3352/udp ssql SSQL
3353/tcp fatpipe FATPIPE
3353/udp fatpipe FATPIPE
3354/tcp suitjd SUITJD
3354/udp suitjd SUITJD
3355/tcp ordinox-dbase Ordinox Dbase
3355/udp ordinox-dbase Ordinox Dbase
3356/tcp upnotifyps UPNOTIFYPS
3356/udp upnotifyps UPNOTIFYPS
3357/tcp adtech-test Adtech Test IP
3357/udp adtech-test Adtech Test IP
3358/tcp mpsysrmsvr Mp Sys Rmsvr
3358/udp mpsysrmsvr Mp Sys Rmsvr
3359/tcp wg-netforce WG NetForce
3359/udp wg-netforce WG NetForce
3360/tcp kv-server KV Server
3360/udp kv-server KV Server
3361/tcp kv-agent KV Agent
3361/udp kv-agent KV Agent
3362/tcp dj-ilm DJ ILM
3362/udp dj-ilm DJ ILM
3363/tcp nati-vi-server NATI Vi Server
3363/udp nati-vi-server NATI Vi Server
3364/tcp creativeserver Creative Server
3364/udp creativeserver Creative Server
3365/tcp contentserver Content Server
3365/udp contentserver Content Server
3366/tcp creativepartnr Creative Partner
3366/udp creativepartnr Creative Partner
3367/tcp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3367/udp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3368/tcp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3368/udp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3369/tcp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3369/udp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3370/tcp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3370/udp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3371/tcp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3371/udp satvid-datalnk Satellite Video Data Link
3372/tcp tip2 TIP 2
3372/udp tip2 TIP 2
3373/tcp lavenir-lm Lavenir License Manager
3373/udp lavenir-lm Lavenir License Manager
3374/tcp cluster-disc Cluster Disc
3374/udp cluster-disc Cluster Disc
3375/tcp vsnm-agent VSNM Agent
3375/udp vsnm-agent VSNM Agent
3376/tcp cdborker CD Broker
3376/udp cdbroker CD Broker
3377/tcp cogsys-lm Cogsys Network License Manager
3377/udp cogsys-lm Cogsys Network License Manager
3378/tcp wsicopy WSICOPY
3378/udp wsicopy WSICOPY
3379/tcp socorfs SOCORFS
3379/udp socorfs SOCORFS
3380/tcp sns-channels SNS Channels
3380/udp sns-channels SNS Channels
3381/tcp geneous Geneous
3381/udp geneous Geneous
3382/tcp fujitsu-neat Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3382/udp fujitsu-neat Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3383/tcp esp-lm Enterprise Software Products License Manager
3383/udp esp-lm Enterprise Software Products License Manager
3384/tcp hp-clic Cluster Management Services
3384/udp hp-clic Hardware Management
3385/tcp qnxnetman qnxnetman
3385/udp qnxnetman qnxnetman
3386/tcp gprs-data GPRS Data
3386/udp gprs-sig GPRS SIG
3387/tcp backroomnet Back Room Net
3387/udp backroomnet Back Room Net
3388/tcp cbserver CB Server
3388/udp cbserver CB Server
3389/tcp ms-wbt-server MS WBT Server
3389/udp ms-wbt-server MS WBT Server
3390/tcp dsc Distributed Service Coordinator
3390/udp dsc Distributed Service Coordinator
3391/tcp savant SAVANT
3391/udp savant SAVANT
3392/tcp efi-lm EFI License Management
3392/udp efi-lm EFI License Management
3393/tcp d2k-tapestry1 D2K Tapestry Client to Server
3393/udp d2k-tapestry1 D2K Tapestry Client to Server
3394/tcp d2k-tapestry2 D2K Tapestry Server to Server
3394/udp d2k-tapestry2 D2K Tapestry Server to Server
3395/tcp dyna-lm Dyna License Manager (Elam)
3395/udp dyna-lm Dyna License Manager (Elam)
3396/tcp printer_agent Printer Agent
3396/udp printer_agent Printer Agent
3397/tcp cloanto-lm Cloanto License Manager
3397/udp cloanto-lm Cloanto License Manager
3398/tcp mercantile Mercantile
3398/udp mercantile Mercantile
3421/tcp bmap Bull Apprise portmapper
3421/udp bmap Bull Apprise portmapper
3454/tcp mira Apple Remote Access Protocol
3455/tcp prsvp RSVP Port
3455/udp prsvp RSVP Port
3456/tcp vat VAT default data
3456/udp vat VAT default data
3457/tcp vat-control VAT default control
3457/udp vat-control VAT default control
3458/tcp d3winosfi D3WinOsfi
3458/udp d3winosfi DsWinOSFI
3459/tcp integral Integral
3459/udp integral Integral
3460/tcp edm-manager EDM Manger
3460/udp edm-manager EDM Manger
3461/tcp edm-stager EDM Stager
3461/udp edm-stager EDM Stager
3462/tcp edm-std-notify EDM STD Notify
3462/udp edm-std-notify EDM STD Notify
3463/tcp edm-adm-notify EDM ADM Notify
3463/udp edm-adm-notify EDM ADM Notify
3464/tcp edm-mgr-sync EDM MGR Sync
3464/udp edm-mgr-sync EDM MGR Sync
3465/tcp edm-mgr-cntrl EDM MGR Cntrl
3465/udp edm-mgr-cntrl EDM MGR Cntrl
3466/tcp workflow WORKFLOW
3466/udp workflow WORKFLOW
3563/tcp watcomdebug Watcom Debug
3563/udp watcomdebug Watcom Debug
3900/tcp udt_os Unidata UDT OS
3900/udp udt_os Unidata UDT OS
3984/tcp mapper-nodemgr MAPPER network node manager
3984/udp mapper-nodemgr MAPPER network node manager
3985/tcp mapper-mapethd MAPPER TCP/IP server
3985/udp mapper-mapethd MAPPER TCP/IP server
3986/tcp mapper-ws_ethd MAPPER workstation server
3986/udp mapper-ws_ethd MAPPER workstation server
3987/tcp centerline Centerline
3987/udp centerline Centerline

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