Saturday, July 21, 2007

Windows Forms: "Cannot access a disposed object"

Well, good question what to do ... within forms i'm using normally a regular singleton factory after I received the following exception: "Cannot access a disposed object" I extended my code to the following:

#region Property: NetworkOverview
private NetworkOverview networkOverview ;

/// Gets/sets the NetworkOverview

public NetworkOverview NetworkOverview
get {
if (this.networkOverview == null)
this.networkOverview = new NetworkOverview();
if (this.networkOverview != null && this.networkOverview.IsDisposed)
this.networkOverview = null;
this.networkOverview = new NetworkOverview();

return this.networkOverview ;


wiibart said...

Hi, thanks for sharing.

You can make it even shorter.

Just use one if statement like this.

if (this.networkOverview == null || this.networkOverview.IsDisposed)
this.networkOverview = new NetworkOverview();

further, you can also avoid the disposing in the onclosing event

in the event use e.Cancel = true;

Cheers, Bart

spin doc said...

thx much for the insight, using the FormClosing action works very well

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