Friday, July 18, 2008

ThumbCached - Distributed caching and storing system for small binary file/data


ThumbCached is a simple, high-performance, distributed caching and storing system for small file/data. It's commonly used to store large number of non-critical and small capacity and read frequently binary file or data, such as image thumbnails and user custom head icons on web site.


  • Use two large files to store a large number of small data files, it can save disk space that the lots of small files wasted, also it’s simple to move and backup data.
  • Server and applications can be distributed in different servers, and multiple applications can also access the same server.
  • Built-in data caching system, it can enhance the access speed of data that frequently visits.
  • using standard HTTP protocol, kinds of programming languages (such as ASP.Net, PHP, etc.)
  • can use the existing components to access the service.
  • Use a “key” to access the file/data information and binary content, needn’t have to remember the path and file name, it can simplify the programming.
  • One server can open several storage units, different types of data (such as user custom head icons and image thumbnails) can stored separately.
  • Use asynchronous socket to provide high-performance.
    Service protocol ThumbCached using standard HTTP protocol to communicate with applications, it contains add/update, fetch and delete operations. The operation target is call “block” (a block contains a “key”, last modified time, binary data content), the “key” is a string that made up with letters and
    numbers, for example:"item001", "23A8F001C".

Checkout the following link for more information:

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Anonymous said...

Great! i just need to store lots of image thumbnails.

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