Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Project phases

Preparation phase

Understand problems even if you need to request additional meetings for this. there is always somebody who can explain you details. creation of a basic to make decisions (Date, Budget, Environment, etc.). it will help all team members if you have a small model with a term overview - so everybody talks about the same. Try to identify risks and create a ranking of them - I use usually a range of 1 - 5. Each risk will be rated and it makes sense to discuss them with other people in your team.

Design phase

create all available use cases for your application. explain different use cases with 2 / 3 simple sentences. at this stage you start with architectural questions for system and environments. i suggest you start with a small front-end prototype which you can present your end users. you gone receive tons of feedback's.

Creation phase

start up with your development were you firstly describe your use cases deep enough that you able to develop unit tests and think about using aspect programming.

Entry phase

create presentations for the software - best case is if customers / target clients already know about what you are gone talk then we have integrated them deep enough into previous phases. The entry phases are usually very stressful and harm business incoming therefore don't forget: as better you prepare yourself as easier it gone be!

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Anonymous said...

Ranking risks is tricky. A risk that is currently ranked at 1 (lowest impact*likelihood) can, at a later stage, become 5. How do you deal with that?

I did publish a week ago an article titled risk management, an analogy which is mainly an introduction to risk management as well as ranking risks. Unfortunately, it does not tackle the issue of changing priorities on risks.

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