Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SharedCache Version: - Release Notes

SharedCache is a high-performance, distributed caching system. Although application-neutral, it's commonly used to speed up dynamic applications by alleviating database load. SharedCache runs as a distributed windows service on every web and / or application server farm to cache data objects in memory out of process. Your stored objects can be accessed from any of your servers in your farm.
Download: https://www.codeplex.com/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ProjectName=SharedCache
Release Date: March, 9th 2009
Release Number:
Release Documentation: http://doc.sharedcache.com/ (is not updated now - coming soon) contains:

  • DataContract serialization implementation (WCF)
  • Workitem: Socket closure on shutdown
  • Major bug in fallback logic (special thanks to Christian Weyer from thinktecture - http://www.thinktecture.com/staff/christian)
  • Replicated caching and distributed caching versions contains now a flag with an online / offline status.
  • Extended logging - trace socket pool bahaviour when shared cache runs as debug installation. Use SysteInternals DbgView to view how the socket pool act.
  • Client and server socket pool configurations (SocketPoolValidation, SocketPoolTimeout, SocketPoolMinAvailaleSize)
Information about how to configure client and replicated server socket pools can be found here:

tips & tricks:

if you install the server on the same server we suggest to use different locations for the log files. eg:

Server: h:\app_logs\server\

Client: j:\app_logs\client\

Consider about firewall configurations: if you have communication problems check your firewall file: C:\WINDOWS\pfirewall.log

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Shared Cache - .Net Caching made easy

All information about Shared Cache is available here: http://www.sharedcache.com/. Its free and easy to use, we provide all sources at codeplex.

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