Sunday, May 02, 2010

All you need for TCP / HTTP IP Tunneling

Definition of tunneling (port forwarding) is the transmission of data intended for use only within a private or corporate network through a public network. This way data gets routed to a different destination. Usually it's nothing else the to encapsulate the private network data and protocol information to a public network. Tunneling simple allows Internet users (from a public network) to send and receive data from your home network (or any other private network).

One approach to tunneling is Point-To-Point tunneling protocol (PPTP) which has been developed by Microsoft and many other companies. The PPTP makes it possible to receive access to a private network (virtual private network - [VPN]) over your Internet service provider or any other online service.

Normally data will be encrypted and decrypted upon transfers. In cases where a high level of security is necessary the highest level is given by VPN iteself.

One some other researches I done i found a project who can manage that. The full source code project can be found below the following repository.

Update: Ian van Reenen request [comments] me to remove the code from this post. I did not fully understand why he means illegal but he ask for so i'll respekt it.
the code were public available in various source repositories withou any license terms - is ther a default license term when the owner does not add one? i don't know it.

anyway: soon I post a different solution for tcp tunneling - in the meanwhile you find a solution from over here.

the project descirption sounds good:

The proxy project is an implementation of an HTTP, FTP and SOCKS proxy server and PortMap server. It is very configurable and, as far as we know, very stable and secure. It is an excellent tool for .NET programmers who want to install a home network. All the classes are fully documented and can be used in other projects that require similar functionality. The project does not require you to have Visual Studio .NET.


Ian van Reenen said...

Hello Roni,

Please can you remove this code from your website. It is proprietery code that is owned and copyrighted by CentraStage Limited. We are a small company and you having this on your website is both illegal and damaging to our business - something that - as a developer yourself - you will understand.

Thank you,
Ian van Reenen
CTO, CentraStage

Ian van Reenen said...

Thanks for removing the code Roni - much appreciated.


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