Monday, July 04, 2011


There are 2 other HTTP methods which are a part of a URI:

- HEAD: Retrieve a metadata-only representation
- OPTIONS: Check which HTTP methods a particular resource supports

- making a call to a resource to fetch metadata without downloading an entire collection
- a client can use HEAD to check if a resource exists, to find out other information about the resource without fetching it's entire representation. So we have the same functionality like a HTTP GET but now the call does not fetch data.

- The OPTIONS method lets the client to discover what it's allowed to do to a resource. The response to an OPTIONS request contains the HTTP Allow header, which lays out the subset of the uniform interface this resource supports.

E.g. : Allow: GET, HEAD

That means that the client can send a GET and HEAD request to this resource but the resource does not support any other methods - effectively, this resource is read-only.


Advanced RESOURCE:

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