Sunday, April 15, 2012

Financial Terms - Always good to know

1. NAV
a. Net Asset Value
b. The value of the mutual –fund calculated daily (sometime more)
c. Total value of fund-dividend \ num of shares issued

a. Open End Investment Company
b. A type of a mutual fund

a. Securities and Exchange Commission

a. Individual retirement Account
b. Allow to set 2K $ per year in MF without tax

a. Investment Company Institute
b. National association of Investment companies

6. Sector-Funds
a. A type of industry to invest in
b. Technology, biomedical, etc…

7. POP
a. Public Offering Price
b. When selling a MF
c. NAV + sales charge

8. Turnover
a. When a MF invests in securities, it sells and buys
these securities if a capital gain was achieved the
share holders of the MF will be taxed and will also
pay for the buying \ selling fees
b. Tot buy + sell \ 2 * fund total holdings

9. MF – FEES
a. Management fees
actual fees on managing the fund + administration
b. Non management fees
fees for other non managing parties like custodial,
accountant, board of directors, SEC registration
fee etc…
c. 12b-1 + non 12b-1 fees
12b1 – Marketing expenses of the fund according to the SEC rules
non 12b1 – other marketing not under SEC rules
d. Fees by the investor based on arrangements with the investor's broker

10. CDSL
a. Contingent Deferred Sales Load

11. TER
a. funds Total Expense Ratio

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