Thursday, November 24, 2005

I thought google supports Firefox - unfortunately not!

google comes out a few day's ago with a new service: base [].

Wow, an amazing service for content search. I'm always were impressed how Google comes out with solutions and people just effort thousands of work hours to optimize their environment for them.

The new service efforts a content search, or how others would say: deep search. In past I worked for a company which creates box-office solutions, so I went directly to the Event section of base service.

I liked the redefine options which Google provides and forwarded it to a friend of mine [myself is using IE and he is a Firefox fan]. Back to the redefine search, there are some options like date limitations, which appears as a calender control in IE. The Look & Feel of Google is always simple and friendly and I have pointed to my friend to have a look at the this option. His answer was simple to understand:

what control do you speak about

After that I installed Firefox and was surprise to see that Google doesn't makes the effort to provide the same functionality to all internet users. what a pity for Firefox users!

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