Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What happens to the WebAdmin from the Visual Studio 2005?

Today I got a compiled solution from a friend in Asp.Net which is based on .Net 2.0.

Well great, this solution implements the Membership Model. This means first I have to register with a username, password, security question, etc.

But why the hack... I cannot login now. The answer is simple first i need to activate this user. That happens over the WebAdmin. But i dont have a solution i have just *.aspx and the releated *.dll's. How can I run now the WebAdmin for this web like I have it in the Visual Studio 2005?

There is a small trick you can do on your local machine. I don't know if its also works on a distributed environment but it works on my local machine well.


1) create a virtual directory at the root of your default website
2) name the virutal web "WebAdmin"
3) Set the Path of the virtual directory to
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\%Your Framework Version%\ASP.NETWebAdminFiles
4) If you have already installed the release version your IIS is running with
the latest framework version otherwise change your running verison in the
ASP.Net tab in the Virtual Directory property.
[ i had also to set inside the Authentication Methods the
checkbox: Integrated Windows authentication. ]
5) now you have setup your environemnt set up to run it


translate it like that

- webadmin : name of your virtual directory
- applicationPhysicalPath: the path to your application on your pc
- applicationUrl: the virtual directory of your own application

Thanks to the author Jeff Widmer .

If you have a another option found inform me please.

UDPATE: in the meanwhile i developed my own webadmin. read more about it over here:
WebAdmin - Membership Management for ASP.NET MVC release 1.0

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