Thursday, December 20, 2007

caching cleanup strategy

As many of the blog readers know, I develop in my spare time a .net caching component which is available under: or This component aims to be a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended to speeding up dynamic web and / or win applications by alleviating database load.

now since some different websites are using the cache (thanks for all your feedback's and inputs) the issue comes up to selectively purges items to free system memory.

Here are some options which I would love to hear your feedback's about them and about what you would need for your personal usage:

  • CacheItemPriority: A new option will be created where objects which are added to the cache receives a priority attribute.
  • LRU: Least Recent Used: The objects with the oldest requests will be deleted- LFU: Least Frequently Used: Means the object's witch are used less will be deleted from the cache / if all objects are used in same frequency the objects will be used in a randomized order
  • Pitkow/Recker: Like LRU, but if they used on same day they will not be deleted
  • Timebased: The objects with the smallest time left in the cache will be deleted, in case all objects are used with max time, they will be deleted randomized
  • SIZE: Delete always biggest objects until it received the size of FillFactor
  • Lowest-Latency-First: Delete smallest objects until configured FillFactor reached. in the app settings the customer will be able to define his cleaning strategy type as a key.
  • Hybrid: Makes a combination between several parameters: TimeTaken, Amount of Requests, Size, Cache Life Timeeach parameter receives a number between 1 - n and those with the highest / lowest numbers will be deleted until configured FillFactory reached.

I would love to receive your feedback's and inputs about it.

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