Friday, December 14, 2007

Oracle Performance

Performance != Performance

Parameter tuning is one of the more important issues - inti.ora / spfile.ora but dont forget its just a part of it and should not be weight to heavy. Instance tuning is mostly just between 10% - 20% of it.

do not forget about all the other parts:

  • Datamodel
  • correct indexing
  • sql optimizing
  • application optimizing - which is in 90% of the cases the issue
  • operating system / hard ware optimizing (CPU's, RAM, DISC's, Network)
  • usage of actuall versions

how to start:

one of the most important issues do it slowly and step by step. Many times it easier to identify if you change one parameter at the time instead of several together. The worst case, you never know which change have done the work in the end.

Define yourself a clear defined target, its 50% of the work when you can reach your targets. Measuring is not less important, otherwise you have no idea how to compare, right?

Make yourself cycles:

  1. tune business rules
  2. tune data design
  3. tune application design
  4. tune logical structure
  5. tune database operations
  6. tune access path
  7. tune memory allocations
  8. tune I/O and physically structure
  9. tune resource constention
  10. tune underlyding platforms

Many times its not a single job, you will have to contact developers / DBA / System Managers / Management / Network People etc., all of them can be a decision maker within changes you need to make - create yourself a plan and check it toghether with all different departments.

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