Wednesday, January 02, 2008

architecture and distributed caching thoughts in combination with indeXus.Net SharedCache - Part 3

SharedCache thought no. 3: Modeling is religion - no its a tool!

Design Mode its not new at all, then any object oriented developer have using domain modeling for years. Application developers they act as Database Administrators have used modeling to to break down their ideas into a Database design that could provide both sides: optimal application implementation and optimal database organisation.

Now what is this Domain Model? It is a combination between Data Model and Behavioral Model. The data model describes actually nothing else then the state the application maintains in terms of persistence and run-time data (e.g.: session data / request data / response data / etc. ). The Domain Model is not so far away from the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The Data model is actually analog to the information which is encapsulated and managed behind a set of services. While the behavioural model is the same like a set of services which are exposed by brokers. The value behind it is simple: Data Model exist independently of the behavioural model, supporting the separation of a controller from the model in an MVC architecture.


Download your copy of SharedCache:

SharedCache will soon release session provider, which will assist you to work with SharedCache and ASP.Net Sessions.

Soon i will add some additional thought about how to provide optimistic transactional handling with SharedCache.

SharedCache is free and open source the only way you can see exactly what happens within your application.

* - RDBMS - relational database management system
** - DAO - Data Access Objects

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