Monday, January 21, 2008

Code Coverage Part 1 - in combination with NDepend

Today's conclusion is simple ... write your unit codes while you develope your code. I have done the mistake again and thought I will do it later ... (now I have the salat!!! - swiss-german expression!)

so bunch no. 1 of xxx has been checked in to indeXus.Net Shared Cache. I reached almost 50% but notice that there is difference between to reach a percentage amount of tests and good written test. Proberly its combination of both like everything in life!

Anyway the target is to reach with high quality test a percentage rate of apporx. 90%

since I own a lic. for indeXus.Net Shared Cache of NDepend - I'm amused what stuff I have sometimes develped and could be done better. Soon I'll publish some of my first conclusions I have learned through NDepend :-) An amazing tool which I can suggest to everybody!

How easy it is to find stuff like big methods or poorly commented methods ;-) here an example (maybe I should mention that most project I have seen till today would have worster results then indeXus.Net Shared Cache)

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