Saturday, October 11, 2008

Evaldas Jocys: Globalization Resources for Multilanguage Development

This article contains MUST HAVE tables and data for proper multi language development. I highly recommend to use ISO (International Organizations for Standardization) as primary source of information, because this is the only way to go for high quality products and compatibility. Please remember that ISO usually only manages standards. Behind each ISO standard there are companies which supplies databases and updates to commercial users. Internet is also good source of information so I've collected globalization data from various resources and placed into 6 tables. If you have some suggestions then please contact me by email: Evaldas Jocys <>
Data for these tables are required to produce full multilingual support:

  • Languages - information about all languages.
  • Cultures - information about all cultures (Language + Country).
  • Encodings - information about all encodings.
  • Ranges - can help to get customer's culture by IP.
  • Currencies - business information about each country.
  • Currencies by Country- currencies used in country.

it would be very intersting to combine this with the following:

ASP.NET 2.0 Custom SQL Server Resource

ProviderBy Jeff Modzel

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