Friday, December 19, 2008

TFS, Reporting Server & Sharepoint

I have spoken over the last few weeks with a lot of people about Team Foundation Server / Reporting Services and Sharepoint WSS 3.0.

Microsoft have tried to do all efforts to create a very detailed installation help how to install TFS in all various modes but my personal conclusion is if I see how much people are running around the forums - why the hell they are not able to make one simple Next -> Next installer which will at least cover the basic mode and one for the distributed mode.

If you think how much hours the industry have spent on installing TFS and how much money this cost then it would make sense to me.

The next thing which I don't really like about TFS is the underdevelopment of maintenance tools. You have to grab everything together and more then that with all the hours TFS group people spending on the forums they could create amazing administration tools which would make much easier to the industry.

What are my expectations? Well I work daily hours over hours with Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio, why they make those fancy and amazing Tools but they are not able to manage it to develop such a tool within TFS - sad!

I life like the rest of the community in the hope that they gone invest for the next version some time for that stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ronnie.
My name is Gregg Boer, and I'm working on the Team Foundation Server team.
Right now, I'm working on the team that is making the integration with SharePoint and Reporting Server better for the next release of TFS (TFS 2010).
First I'd like to say that we've know that our admin experience is not very good right now and have invested a lot in TFS 2010 to make the administration experience better. The installation and configuration are both significantly better.
Specifically in regards to SharePoint and Reporting Services, we are making both of them optional components. That is, you can install TFS without SharePoint or Reporting Services. Then, later, you can configure them. You can also point to any SharePoint server you want, even multiple SharePoint servers, if needed.

I could keep listing more features, but this comment is already too long. I really just wanted to say that your feedback is correct about our admin tools, and we are trying to make it better. I'm not promising it will fix everything, but it should be a lot better :-)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. My alias is "greggboe". My email is my alias and "". I would like to know about your pain points, especially with SharePoint and Reporting Services.

Thanks again.

roni schuetz said...

Hi Gregg,
I'm very very glad to read your response. Kind of luck that 2010 is not to far away and hopefully the current installation will keep until then :-)

Sure its not easy to collaborate between all those server applications but from my personal point of view 85% of the users are not - therefore such a small installer would help the comminity and I'm looking forward for the next version in 2010.

Thanks for your feedback.

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