Monday, April 27, 2009

ASP.NET MVC Action Filters project started at codeproject

I created a new project at codeplex which aims to contain a big collection of ASP.NET MVC Action Filters.

An action filter is an attribute you can slap on an action method in order to run some code before and after the action method executes. Typically, an action filter represents a cross-cutting concern to your action method. Output caching is a good example of a cross-cutting concern.

Hopefully a lot of people will provide their own Action Filters to create one big library which contains dozens of filters.

I found already several ASP.NET MVC Action Filters which solves the following problems:

  • Action Filter for Caching
  • Action Filter for Shared Cache
  • Action Filter to create easy REST API with JSON and XML
  • Action Filter for Health monitoring
  • Action Filter for LogFilters
  • Action Filter for Compression

If you have additional Action Filters please feel free to post them at

Following link leads you to a tutorial about ASP.Net Action Filters:

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