Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Membership Management for ASP.NET MVC release 1.0

update: checkout this post: Visual Studio Content Installer for Asp.Net MVC Membership Management

With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, there is no "out of the box" solution for maintaining the Membership and Role databases in Microsoft IIS. This is a problem when you move your application from development to a production IIS server. The utility that Microsoft provides, ASP.NET Web Configuration, can be run only in a development, non-production environment.

This sources and its associated code solve this by implementing solution to Member and Role management while using standard Microsoft ASP.NET MVC tools. This means that it will run in any ASP.NET MVC 1.0 environment, including IIS.

I found 3 projects for membership management were 2 of them are outdated and one is not working with current mvc release 1.0 (ASP.Net MVC Membership Starter Kit). Some of my code is based on the started kit but most stuff I had to rewrite or make coding changes to make it work with mvc release 1.0.

I'm writing already 2 open source projects therfore I'm not able to share this sources for free and I plan to sell you full source bundle for around 30 EURO. In the meanwhile, if you're interessted in the code you welcome to drop me a line (schuetz [@] gmail [dot] com).

Please use this page to donate the amount.

Please notice that MVC is a precondition for this project.

The mvc membership management contains the following functionality:

  • Dashboard
  • Browse Users
  • User -> Details
  • User -> User's Roles
  • User -> Reset Password
  • User -> Delete User
  • Browse Roles
  • Roles -> Users in Roles
  • Statistical Information
  • Statistical Information -> Registerd users past 7 days (visualization with
  • Statistical Information -> Registerd users past 12 months (visualization with
  • Statistical Information -> Not approved users past 12 months (visualization with

Additinal functionality will be implemented after rel. 1. Have a look at the following printscreens to get an impression what you'll get. I plan to extend this unti l its gonna be a real managment application and as more people will use it as bigger the motivation :-)


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