Sunday, April 18, 2010

Advanced Logging by Microsoft

Monitoring and measuring media experiences is critical for understanding how users engage with content and how to more profitably deploy media. IIS Media Services’ Advanced Logging extension provides access to both real-time client and server side logs for media experiences delivered over HTTP. Advanced Logging also allows third-party analytics providers to easily access data in real-time as well as extend the set of metrics that are captured from either the client or the server.

Data Collection and Real-time Logging
Advanced Logging provides rich, flexible data collection and real-time logging capabilities. Log any of the HTTP request/response headers, IIS server variables and client-side fields to track end-user engagement. Generate logs per IIS application, create custom logging for modules, or implement hierarchical logging. Set up a central log farm to collect and log client-side metrics and create multiple logs per request, with each log containing purpose-specific data.

Custom Media Metrics
Advanced Logging generates completely customizable W3C-standard log files. Site administrators can generate real-time client and server logs and tailor logs to track as many or as few metrics as necessary across multiple log files. Filter out information relevant to a specific purpose. Advanced Logging can create multiple logs per request, with each log contains data relevant to the purpose of the log. Capture quality of service data and audience engagement in separate logs to simplify analysis.

Analytics Integration
Silverlight applications can use an upcoming Silverlight analytics control to automatically track and report data to the IIS Advanced Logging extension. The Advanced Logging module parses the data and writes it to a file on the IIS server and also exposes this data in real-time to an analytics service. The analytics service provider can take advantage of this data to generate reports for their customers in real-time.

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