Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hyper-V Tips

  • Never save state on a Domain Controller, doing so can cause domain synchronization issues.
  • Never pause a Domain Controller, this can cause replication issues.
    Do not take Snapshots of Domain Controllers.
  • Use fixed size disks, this will improve performance, and help reduce disk fragmentation.
    Always defragment a physical disk before creating a virtual hard disk.
  • Be mindful of the intergration services affect on a Domain Controller. If you provide the time synchronization service to a Domain Controller, you can cause time synchronization issues in your domain.
  • Dont expand the Virtual Hard Disk if you have snapshots which haven’t merged with the main VHD. This will make it impossible to remerge them.
  • If you cannot merge your snapshot (avhd) files back into the main VHD. You can attempt to use Winimage ( to retrieve the data from within the snapshot file. To do this simply rename the snapshot file from string.avhd to string.vhd then open with winimage.

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