Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Team Foundation Server & and & and & and

During the past 2 years I installed TFS 2008 (Team Foundation Server 2008) at least 25 times most of it for testing and migration purposes. Same I had to do now for a migration scenario from two single installations into a multi-layer installation.

Since Service Pack 1 is out it's possible to install TFS 2008 on Windows 2008 (x-86) and as we know there is now Windows 20008 R2 out but there are no downloads for x-86. Therefore we have to take an earlier Version: Windows Server 2008.

The installation guidance describes exactly what you have to do to run the installation. You have to configure several files, need to adapt WML checks as I posted in my earlier post yesterday:

At the end of the day it worked beside the "Reporting Services" - as usual! I will try not to get emotional now but it should not be a problem for Microsoft to create installation files which are as easy to install as previous installations.

I mean how much effort Microsoft have to put to create an installer for the following setup:
  • Windows 2003 Server Enterprise / Standard
  • Sql Server 2008
Press 15 times enter, choose your servers and done - no they prefer to handle thousands of forum messages, emails, sending responses to blog post etc.

take 10 % of your communication efforts and put them into a normal installer for single and multi installations with new software.

I really hope Micorosoft consider this for the next TFS 2010.

Another feedback would be to create a personal version of TFS -> Mini Tfs which would fit to the express editions for home use :-)

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