Tuesday, September 01, 2009

TFS SP1 Installation Problem

For some testing I had to setup a Team Foundation Server with SP 1. To accomplish this mission I had to merge the service pack like it's described here:

  1. To integrate the installation of Team Foundation Server and Service Pack 1
    Download SP1 from the Microsoft Web site, and save the update to a folder on the local computer. For example, you can save the file to C:\SP1Download.
  2. From the files that originated on the DVD for Team Foundation Server, copy the AT folder to a location on the local computer. For example, you can copy the folder to C:\InstallMedia.
  3. Open a Command Prompt window, and type the following command, replacing C:\SP1Download with the location that you chose in step 1 and C:\SP1Extract with a separate location on the local computer:
    C:\SP1Download\TFS90SP1-KB949786-ENU /extract:C:\SP1Extract
  4. Create a folder where you can merge files from SP1 and the DVD.
    Type the following command, replacing C:\InstallMedia with the location that you chose in step 2, C:\SP1Extract with the location that you chose in step 3, and C:\MergeFolder with the absolute path of the location that you chose in step 4:
    msiexec /a C:\InstallMedia\vs_setup.msi /p C:\SP1Extract\TFS90sp1-KB949786.msp TARGETDIR=C:\MergeFolder
    You must replace C:\MergeFolder with an absolute path, but you can replace C:\InstallMedia and C:\SP1Extract with absolute or relative paths.
  5. From C:\MergeFolder (which you created in step 4), run setup.exe to install Team Foundation Server with SP1.

Now if you use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 then you have to modify your hcpackage.xml (I attached my version at the end of this post). After some researches I could find this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/969985 Once you have done this the following errors should not appear anymore:
  • The selected instance of SQL Server is not compatible with Team Foundation Server 2008.
  • A compatible version of SQL Server is not installed.
  • The SQL Server Analysis Services assemblies are installed, but they are the SQL 2005 version instead of SQL 2008.

My modified hcpackage you can find here: http://www.ronischuetz.com/download/hcpackage.xml or download it: http://www.ronischuetz.com/download/hcpackage.zip

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